Arizer Extreme Q for Group Vaping!

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
There are a good amount of the vaporizers made by manufactures today where style is more important than how well it functions.  I don’t have a problem with vapes that look cool or are well designed, it’s just frustrating when they totally neglect the functionality aspects. A lot of the portable vapes, while unique, are not the best performance wise. I have tried a variety of these units in the past. While they are easily they can be disappointing when it comes to actually vaping. This is where the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer comes into play. The Extreme Q is a vape that heats my blend to the fullest and produces a ton of vapor. With the Extreme Q, you’re getting a desktop vaporizer that does everything you would want from a forced-air unit.

Whenever I use the Extreme Q, I have the choice to either use it as a bag system or whip style. This choice depends on the environment I want to use it in. If I am having a lot of friends over, using the bag is great since it can store a large amount of vapor in it and pass it around. When I’m by myself, I rather just use the whip as I can choose how much vapor to inhale. The whip system is very effective; I can get very precise hits commensurate with how aggressively I inhale it. Steady rips have always given me the smoothest vapor and taste, so you don’t necessarily need to take hard hits. A great thing about the Extreme Q is its temperature control system. It comes with a LCD display so I can adjust the heat to the precise temperature I want.  Users can an even use a remote control for the vaporizer, making the experience even better. Arizer did a great job making the most user-friendly forced-air vaporizer I have used. 
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