Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

 The new Arizer Extreme Q is a great no-nonsense vaporizer that gives the user more ways to enjoy their favorite herbs than ever before.  You have the option of using a “whip” extension to inhale the amazing tasting vapor if you like. If aromatherapy is your thing, you can enjoy your natural oils with the aromatherapy bowl that’s included.  Or maybe you’re the type who will enjoy utilizing the 3-speed fan to inflate a vapor bag/balloon. The new Extreme Q has made numerous improvements, 27 plus to be exact. With a little experimentation, you should be able to operate it like a champ in no time. When looking to purchase a balloon bag vaporizer, this is not only well manufactured, but also low in price when you compare it to similar units currently on the market. 

A few of these improvements are: 
                50% More Energy Efficient
                New Eye-catching Chrome Finish
                Much Quieter Fan
                It’s Design Is More Compact
                Ceramic Heating Element That Heats Up Much Faster
                Redesigned Better Quality Circuitry
                Smaller and Lighter Than Previous Models
This is just a small list of all the great improvements Arizer has implemented to improve the unit to the best of their abilities.  And thanks to these improvements, the Extreme Q provides an extremely thick and smooth vapor that has an amazingly clean taste to it.  No experience in vaporizing is needed to enjoy this unit.  Others can fetch upwards of five and six hundred dollars, while the Extreme Q comes in at under $300 dollars.  Which is truly a steal considering everything that is included.  And no matter if you enjoy your vaporizing through the vapor whip or using the bag/balloon, you will enjoy a thorough vaporizing experience every time with the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. 
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