Arizer Solo 2 Review - What's New?

Arizer Solo 2 Review

The Arizer Solo 2 is the new and improved version of the Arizer Solo portable vaporizer for dry herb. It’s smaller, faster, and smarter than what came before. And it still boasts exceptionally flavorful vapor production. In our review of the Arizer Solo II we’ll unpack what’s new, as well as what has carried over from the original Arizer Solo vaporizer.

We’ll start our Arizer Solo 2 review with some spoilers: The latest iteration features improved airflow, longer battery life, and heats up 3x faster than the earlier Arizer Solo. These upgrades may seem small. But they make a big difference, improving the overall experience. Arizer Solo II is one of the best performing Arizer vapes we’ve reviewed thus far. Its bread and butter--excellent vapor production--is equal to if not greater than the original Arizer Solo.

If we had to describe Solo 2 vaporizer in three words, it would be flavor, flavor, flavor. Arizer Solo II is not the most compact portable vape. But it’s the most compact portable vaporizer that delivers the flavor-rich vapor production you’d expect from a desktop vaporizer. The hits are comfortable and extremely tasty, which makes the Arizer Solo 2 ideal for those who prefer flavorful hits but want something that’s not glued to an AC outlet.

So is this vape for you? That depends on whether you prefer immense flavor over extreme portability. The Solo 2 vape is compact, to be sure, but not as lightweight and small as PAX vapes or the DaVinci IQ. That’s because Arizer Solo II, like its predecessor, is designed with vapor quality in mind, featuring a convection heating system that’s rare in handheld vaporizers, along with a full-fledged glassware kit.  

You can find the Arizer Solo 2 on VaporNation for under $250.


Using the Arizer Solo II

(Arizer Solo 2 powers up with a countdown to prevent accidental activation.)

Operating the Arizer Solo II is really easy. This makes it a great vaporizer for a beginner or those who don’t like fidgeting with controls.

To use the Arizer Solo 2, simply power up by holding the “up” button and “m” button (“m” is for menu) at the same time. A countdown will play out on the display screen, after which you’ll be greeted by a smiley face and then the temperature will show up. If you’ve already used the Arizer Solo 2, pressing the “up” or “down” button once will revert back to the last temperature you vaped at. Convenient!  

Alternatively, you can choose your temperature using the “up” and “down” arrows, and the unit will heat up in less than 30 seconds, one of the fastest heat up times of the Arizer line and portable vaporizers in general. Like the Arizer Solo, you can pinpoint your ideal temperature to an individual degree using the “up” and “down” buttons.

Arizer Solo 2 can vape at any temperature between 122F to 428F. We recommend vaping at lower temperatures for smaller, more flavor-rich hits, and higher temps for bigger clouds.

The design is pragmatic, which plays into its ease-of-use. Everything is attached to the vaporizer so it’s hard to lose parts. The rubber herb chamber cover is connected to the vape, for example, and that’s about the closest thing to a loose part that the vaporizer has.


Arizer Solo II allows you customize your vape sessions in a variety of ways using the new and improved display screen, which is very simple and easy-to-use. Using the “up” and “down” arrows in the menu, you can change:

  • Between celsius and fahrenheit - This is a great feature for those vaping outside of the US were fahrenheit isn’t the standard.

  • Volume - The Arizer Solo 2 beeps when turned on, and more. You can lower the volume for a more discreet experience, or turn it up if your ears aren’t what they used to be.

  • Auto-shutoff Time - You can shorten or lengthen the time before the Arizer Solo 2 shuts off, either saving yourself battery power with a shorter time or avoiding having to reset your temperature if you’re prone to longer sessions.

  • Display Brightness - Helpful for those who want to preserve their battery with a dimmer screen. Also helps adjust the brightness to accommodate your eyes.

  • Unlock Countdown Time - Out of the box, Arizer Solo II takes 4 seconds to power on. Adjust this number to your liking.

Arizer has made a point of keeping the Arizer Solo 2 controls very pragmatic so you won’t run into any trouble customizing the settings for this vaporizer. The display is easy to understand, and the controls are boiled down to the nth degree for a seamless user experience.

Glassware and Loading

(Just plug the glass tube into the Arizer Solo 2 herb chamber. No screwing necessary.)

Boasting a clean airpath, the Arizer Solo 2 uses glassware to deliver the flavor-rich vapor that Arizer vapes are known for. 

The glass aroma tubes give the vapor more time to cool off so the hits are smoother. In addition, they preserve flavor by never “rubbing off” on the taste as plastic and metal mouthpieces might. The Arizer Solo 2 aroma tubes are made of borosilicate glass, which is very resistant to thermal shock. You’ll notice the hits are very clean-tasting. That’s thanks to the clean glass vapor path. 

To load the Arizer Solo 2, just pack dry herb into the dish of the long or medium glass aroma tube. Pro tip: You can stick a whole bud in the dish without grinding it down too much, which will give you more flavor. Or you can grind it down more to create more surface area for bigger hits. The Arizer Solo II is for dry herb. But you can sneak in some wax concentrates into the dish as long as there’s more herb than wax if you want. Just sandwich the wax between two layers of herb. We recommend just using dry herb, and some packed kief if you want a more potent hit. Once you’ve packed the dish, insert the aroma tube into the heating chamber of the Arizer Solo II, dish first, and you’re ready to vape. The glass tube fits snugly into the herb chamber. No threading. Just plug it in and go. 

Arizer Solo 2 Glass Tubes

(Arizer Solo 2 comes with a large and medium aroma tube, and an aromatherapy dish.)

The Arizer Solo 2 has convection heating that sends hot air blowing from the heating chamber, vaporizing the contents of the dish, and sending vapor up through the glass stem. Make sure to use the included screens--unless you like herb stuck in your teeth.

The glass aromatherapy tubes extend the airpath so the hits are smoother and cooler by the time they reach your palate. But they also prevents the Arizer Solo 2 from creating combustion (and smokiness) by keeping the dry herb from ever touching the walls of the heating chamber. This ensures no burning for much cleaner, greater tasting rips.

Battery Life

The Arizer Solo 2 battery keeps going, and going, and going. It does take awhile to charge, and it’s not USB compatible, but you don’t need to charge it as often as most portable vapes. We ran a test, and you can expect a 3-hour battery life with up to 20 10-minute sessions per full charge. This is an upgrade from the original Arizer Solo which has about 5 to 7 sessions per charge.

The rapid 30 second heat up time is a vast improvement from the original Arizer Solo, which took around 1:30 seconds to warm up. To preserve battery power, the Arizer Solo II vaporizer has a 10-second auto-shutoff (which can be adjusted in the menu). We were pleased to find that, no matter what temperature you vape at, the Arizer Solo 2 does not get hot to hold. Even after 10 minutes of vaping, the unit doesn’t even feel warm to the touch. Arizer Solo 2 is one of the most well-insulated vapes we’ve reviewed.

Vapor Quality

(Arizer Solo 2 boasts improved airflow.) 

We would describe Arizer Solo II vapor as immensely flavorful. Not just tasty. Delicious. The convection heating and glass vapor path deliver the utmost flavor. The first hit, if the vaporizer is cool, will be wispy. But once the Arizer Solo 2 warms up, the hits will pour out very thick and satisfying. The glass tubes feel like you’re sucking through a straw, and with no carb, it feels like you need to clear the tube a bit. But expect much improved draw resistance from the Arizer Solo 2 and overall full, flavorful draws.

The size of the vapor clouds depends on what temperature the Arizer Solo 2 vape is set at. At around 380F, the clouds start to get fairly large, and they’ll grow bigger the higher you increase the temperature from there.

The vapor is not harsh at all no matter what temp you’re on. The glass aroma tubes extend the vapor path long enough to let each hit cool before it hits your mouth. If you like super smooth hits, you can opt for the Arizer bubbler adapter so you can use the vaporizer with a water pipe attachment. This will moisture-condition your vapor, cooling it and making it smoother. But overall, you’re not going to find any complaints about the Arizer Solo 2 vapor production. Very cool. Ever so smooth.  

If you like to stretch your dry herb buck, the Arizer Solo 2 is super efficient at extracting the most out of each bowl. You can enjoy many hits out of just half a dish-full of herb, depending on how big your draws are and how long your overall session is.


Arizer Solo 2 Review

(The power of a desktop vaporizer in your palm). 

Is Arizer Solo 2 portable? For sure. It’s more compact than the original Solo vaporizer. Arizer reduced the interior enough to slim the bottom by .25 inches and the top by .375 inches. It’s just not quite as portable as say, Pax 3 and not as lightweight as the Firefly 2 even though they’re similar in length and width. The vape is 4.5 inches long, and weighs 7.4 oz, not the lightest portable vape, but it does feel solid in your hand. The oval shape is very ergonomic and comfortable in your palm, and the smooth metal exterior is cool and soft. Arizer Solo 2 is by all means capable of vaping on-the-go. You can fit it in your pocket or carry it in the belt-clip carrying case without much of a problem. It’s just more geared toward home use, and the glass aroma tubes aren’t too discreet for street vaping.


Arizer sticks with the familiar design and glassware from the Arizer Solo 1, but the Arizer Solo 2 is slightly more compact than its predecessor. It’s not the most compact portable vape we’ve seen, but that’s because it’s more of a semi-portable that’s geared toward high level vapor production and casual home use. The build is incredibly solid. So even though the Arizer Solo 2 is protected by a 5-year warranty, you most likely won’t have to go through the pain of redeeming your warranty because the vaporizer is just so rugged. The Arizer Solo 2 has a very sleek look that goes well with any fashion, including urban styles such as the Tupac shirt worn by our reviewer. 

Of course, the Arizer glassware is not so solid. Don’t drop it lest you want to order a replacement glass aroma tube. The tubes are made with the highest quality glass you’ll find in the vaporizer world--borosilicate--but glass is glass, so be careful.


 (The Arizer Solo 2 belt-clip carrying case in action.)

The Arizer Solo 2 comes with some essential tools for creating full-flavored vapor, including three borosilicate glass aromatherapy attachments:

  • 1 x Long Glass Aroma Tube

  • 1 x Medium Glass Aroma Tube

  • 1 x Glass Aroma Dish

Each glass aroma tube comes with a rubber stem cap for traveling on-the-go. These keep the dish from getting dirty and keeps your bowl of herb from spilling out if you’d like to pack one before you hit the road.

You also get the basic accessories, including a charger, belt clip carrying case, sample of lavender dry herbs, a stirring tool, and screens.

Charger - The charger is a standard AC 110v unit that plugs into the Arizer Solo 2. While not as convenient as USB (you can’t really vape from your car, for instance), the Arizer Solo II has enough battery life that you can charge it at home before you leave the house and pretty much vape throughout the day without having to charge again.

Belt-clip Carrying Case - The belt-clip carrying case is great for vaping on-the-go. The Arizer Solo 2 isn’t quite so compact that it wouldn’t put a bit of a bulge in your pocket. So the belt-clip case gives you a more convenient, discreet way to carry your Arizer Solo II around town.

Lavender Botanicals Sample - The lavender sample is a nice gesture. But let’s face it, you probably aren’t going to buy the Arizer Solo 2 for aromatherapy purposes. That said, the device is perfect for creating aromatic vapor from botanical herbs, if that’s what you’re looking for. And the lavender is very calming.

Stir Tool - Arizer’s stir tool is made of metal so it’ll pretty much last forever, with one end for scooping and stirring and another for packing.

Replacement Screens - Arizer Solo 2 comes with 4 replacement screens that fit into the dish of the glass aroma tube. There are four holes in the dish that bits of herb can slip through without the screen, so unless you like herb in your mouth use the screens.

There are a few other cool Arizer Solo 2 accessories available on our Arizer parts page.

How Do I Clean the Arizer Solo II?

The Arizer Solo 2 is low maintenance. Just pop out the glass stem and clean out the dish with some isopropyl alcohol every now and then. The herb chamber never, and we mean never, needs cleaning. But in the off chance that some crumbs are stuck in there, just tip the Arizer Solo 2 upside down and shake it out. Then wipe it out with some isopropyl alcohol.

If you’re using the Arizer Solo 2 for the first time, we recommend first sterilizing the herb chamber. You can sterilize the Arizer Solo 2 chamber by holding the power button down until the display greets you with a smiley face. Use the “up” arrow to toggle the highest temperature (428F). The Arizer Solo 2 will automatically heat up to 428F. To sterilize the herb chamber, let the Arizer Solo II sit for ten minutes, at which time it will automatically shut off.

The Arizer Solo 2 comes with a very helpful instruction manual that explains all the nuts and bolts, and the device is very easy to figure out as it is, so don’t expect having to get around any crazy learning curves.


Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

We couldn’t end our Arizer Solo 2 review without underscoring just how flavorful this unit’s vapor production is. Those who prefer superior flavor, with no added smokiness, plastic/metal tastes or irritants, and don’t want to spend extra on a desktop vaporizer, should definitely consider the Arizer Solo II. When it comes down to it, the convection heating system and clean glass vapor path are what sets Arizer Solo 2 apart from other portable vaporizers. As long as stealthiness and super-portability aren’t an absolute must, you’ll be happy with the smooth, milky, and intensely delicious vapor that the Arizer Solo 2 serves up.

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