Arizer Solo Handheld Vaporizer

Everyone has been abuzz about the newest portable vaporizer that has been released by Arizer.  And now that the Solo is here, those that have had the privilege to test it out cannot stop raving about it.  This is the third vaporizer to be released by the Canadian-based company.  Their other vaporizers (V-Tower Vaporizer and Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer) have garnered much attention and praise for their amazing quality and ease of use.  The Solo is definitely no exception.  Coming in at just under the size of a small can of soda, it is very compact and has a very solid feel to it.  Manufactured using only the highest of quality materials as are all Arizer products, it looks like it can take a licking and keep on ticking.  The only exterior parts that are made with plastic are the LED areas and the buttons.  It also comes with two diffuser tubes so if you have the unfortunate circumstance of breaking one, you already have a replacement with no need to have to order and wait for a new one.  
Now before using the Arizer Solo, you will need to charge it up which takes approximately 4 hours to do (per the manufacturer).  The only unfortunate aspect is that you are unable to use the unit while it’s charging.  So just be aware that you will have to deal with some waiting time before you are able to vape.  But this is a small price to pay for such a kick ass little unit.  The heat up time of the Solo is around 3 minutes depending on which setting you have selected.  After that, you’re up and ready to go and vaporize just about anywhere you please.  The vapor produced with this phenomenal vaporizer has an exceptional taste and no other portable vaporizer on the market even comes close to touching it.  So if you have the money to spend and want the luxury of vaporizing on the go, the Arizer Solo Vaporizer will not disappoint.
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