Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

Description: The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is a recently released handheld vaporizer that has taken portable units to new highs.  This device features glass draw tubes for only the purest vapor hits possible and is equipped with an extra wide herb chamber to produce thick clouds every time as more heated air can pass over the herb.  It is sized smaller than a can of soda and the lithium ion battery lasts over three hours, providing for ultimate portability.  Capable of heating to the optimal vaporizing temperature within two minutes, the Solo is great for those who don’t like to waiting.  It hasn’t been available long, but the Solo has been building a reputation as the highest quality portable vape around.

  • Instruction Manual
  • Battery Charger
  • Potpourri Dish
  • 2 Diffusing Tubes (Draw Whips)
  • Aromatherapy Blend Sample
  • Arizer Solo Power Adapter (Not Included)

Pros: Features a temperature control, unlike a lot of other portable units.  A borosilicate glass draw stem is incorporated to allow for continuously flavorful vapor, even after extensive use.  The lithium ion battery that powers it lasts for three hours or more, which is by far longer than other devices.   Each Solo is made of high quality components that are intended to last for years.

Cons: The price is steeper than most portable vaporizers, but it really should be considered an investment for how long it will last.  Small amounts of herb can fall out of the draw stem into the heating chamber.

Overall Rating: 4/5 - Easily the best Portable Vaporizer currently available.  It's built with high quality components, the battery lasts for extended use and the vapor is always tasty.  This is the unit for the true vapor purist.
VaporNation Content Writer

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