Atmos Vaporizers Continue to Impress

When you have been vaping for as many years as Atmos you know when you have something special.  One of the first vaporizers I started using was the AtmosThermo W Vaporizer.  It's a great portable vaporizer pen that was designed primarily for waxes and oils.  The compact and lightweight design make it great for people that like to vaporize on the go.  You can put it in your shirt pocket or briefcase and no one would be the wiser.  A lot of people find them useful for road trips as well, just pull over at the next exit, find a park bench, sit down and vape away.

Another vaporizer manufactured by Atmos is the Nail 510 vaporizer.  It features an removable and refillable tank along side of its extremely small and compact exterior.  It also comes with a variety of accessories.  You will receive upon purchase a one lithium ion battery, one Nail 510 chamber, one nail 510 cone, one tank cover, one tank mouthpiece, one Nail 510 tip, one wall adapter, one wired USB charger, and one user manual.  Overall it's nice vape that's easy to use and recommend for your average vaporist. 

Next up is the super popular AtmosRx vape pen (formally known as the Atmos Raw).  It's another small and sleek vaporizer used with concentrates like oils and waxes.  The AtmosRx is completely portable with zero cords and wires and can be used pretty much anywhere.  The Rx uses an advanced microchip technology usually reserved for particle accelerators and space satellites.  The microchip ensures that the pen will maintain an exact temperature and that the pen will keep from overheating and burning or combusting the plant material. Atmos also makes the AtmosRx Jr, which is of course just a smaller version of the same pen.

The final Atmos vaporizer we will talk about today is the Atmos Bullet-2-Go.  It falls inline with some of the other products Atmos offers, its small and portable, looks great and is easy to use.  Some of the things it features are a one-touch activation system.  Wickless heating chamber and full compatibility with herbs, waxes and oils (although personally I do not recommend pen-style vapes for herbs).  It comes with a user manual, USB charger,  Bullet-2-Go cartridge and a lithium ion battery.  Read this review from one satisfied customer:
"Came fairly quick and when I opened it up there were free gifts and a grinder. This pen vape works pretty well. All you do is hold the button for about 10 seconds and you get a big cloud of vapor. Definitely worth the money and would recommend to anyone who wants to try vaping. Its quick and easy to use and all an all is a great product. Would like to see a USA model in the future, but there is nothing sketchy on the inside to worry about. Great Product!" - BuyeronFire
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