AtmosRx Vaporizer Review and Tutorial

All right guys, here's one that we've been getting requests on for a long time now.

We've had a lot of people asking about the AtmosRX personal vaporizer so I decided to release this video we made when it was called the AtmosRAW vaporizer. It's exactly the same device, just a different name. Functions very intuitively with a handy one-click activation and five-click locking safety feature. This is a conduction vaporizer which means the material sits directly on the stainless steel heating coil inside the cartomizer. I recommend not loading more than 2 pinches of blend into the cartomizer, because the springy packing tool will compact the material into the heating chamber on its own and if you overfill, you're almost guaranteed to have combustion rather than true conduction diffusion of your vital ingredients.


How's it going guys? Welcome to VaporNation. I'm your host, as always, the Vapor MC with your vaporizer education. Today we're going to talk about the Atmos Raw (Rx) vaporizer pen.

When you open up your Atmos Raw (Rx) package you want to look for the following accessories: the Atmos Raw battery, the ceramic heating chamber, the chamber connector, the rubber mouthpiece with the ceramic filter, one cleaning brush tool, one packing tool, one USB Charger and one wall adapter.

Now it's time to put the vape together. You want to be sure to charge your Atmos Raw (Rx) battery for at least two hours prior to vaporizing. Then you're gonna take your connector piece, screw it in like so, then grind up some blend and load it about a third of the way full in the herb chamber. So a couple pinches of blend and you're good to go, you definitely don't want to pack it too tight because then you run the risk of combustion.

So you want to take your ceramic filter, pack it down a little bit with that spring, make sure it's tight and you're ready to vape. To start the flow of vapor, press down on the power button for two seconds and then inhale gently for five to eight seconds while still holding down the power button. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen: the incredible results of the Atmos Raw (Rx) vaporizer pen. Get yours today at VaporNation, Your Online Vaporizer Superstore.
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