August Product Spotlight - What's New At VaporNation


Wow August already? This year is screamin by, slow it down by copping a new vape or chilled out water pipe this month, we've got a ton of new stuff to make your summer unforgettable! 




Designed to give your rolled goods maximum filtration Higher Standards Glass tips make it easier and cleaner to enjoy your dry herb. Compatible with most cone sizes (giant novelty ones aside) these reusable glass filter tips deliver smooth, clean-tasting draws. Thanks to medical-grade borosilicate glass Higher Standard Glass Tips preserve the natural terpenes of your dry herb while simultaneously cooling down each hit. Designed with true connoisseurs in mind these glass tips allow users to enjoy an entire cone without worrying about burning and breathing in the filter. Coming in a pack of 6 means you can have a well attended, well filtered smoke circle.

EYCE MOLD 2.0 ($89.99)


Just in time for summer it’s the Eyce Mold 2.0! The Eyce Mold 2.0 creates an ice water pipe that cools hits at a shivering -3°C. All you have to do is fill the mold with water and freeze for a few hours, after that you’ll be enjoying the coolest vapor possible. The ice chamber is compatible with any standard 9mm or 10mm slide and the included mouthpiece, base, and diffused downstem easily attach to complete your ice pipe. From the ice chamber to the neck the Eyce Mold 2.0 features the first ever ice air path. You should be prepared for crisp, cool inhales that make dealing with the summer heat easier than ever.

PUFFCO PRO 2 ($79.99)


The first of two new Puffco products this month is the Pro 2. A pocket-sized vape pen that has deceiving power for it’s small stature. This no-frills vape pen is made to deliver huge, smooth clouds thanks to an extra large ceramic rod atomizer that can store around .3 grams of concentrate. The Pro 2 is housed in a precision-machined alloy that can withstand the usual tumbles associated with an on-the-go vape pen. A ceramic-lined chamber offers full flavor extraction with minimum combustion; the ceramic rod, which is wrapped in a high-grade titanium coil, is designed for bringing out the optimum flavor profile of your concentrates. The Puffco Pro 2 features a temperature-controlled battery with three settings, the lowest satisfies flavor centric users, the middle is a blend of flavor and cloud size, while the highest is perfect for cloud chasers. Compact but mighty, the Puffco Pro 2 places power in your pocket.

PUFFCO PLUS ($99.99)


Rounding out the newest Puffco additions is the Puffco Plus. The Plus is a concentrate pen with a high-grade ceramic coilless atomizer and a mouthpiece that features an integrated loading tool. Three temp settings, 580°F, 650°F, and 720°F, deliver perfectly vaporized concentrate draws. The Puffco Plus can transition between small, flavor-rich clouds and huge rips in just a few clicks. Thanks to a powerful battery the Plus delivers vapor in seconds. The mouthpiece has a 100% pure ceramic dart built into it which sits inside the chamber ensuring that all concentrate is vaporized from every surface. A coilless ceramic atomizer works in junction with the ceramic dart to vaporize material evenly, letting you savor the flavor with no smokiness.

LINX HYPNOS ($79.99)


The Linx Hypnos Zero is an ultra-compact vape pen designed with maximum flavor retention in mind. Built with a ceramic plate atomizer the Hypnos Zero offers pure taste and minimal waste. 4 preset temperatures will let you explore different concentrate experiences with just a few clicks. The vapor path is toxin free and is consisted of thermal-resistant glass and ceramic, delivering 100% pure vapor with zero fiber interference. Featuring a coilless ceramic plate atomizer the Linx Hypnos Zero ensures that all of the flavor and effects of your concentrates are experienced with no material left behind.

YOCAN (R)EVOLVE ($49.99) 


Based on the popular Yocan Evolve, the (R)Evolve takes temps to a new...low? The (R)Evolve perfectly tempers heat so low-temperature concentrate use is easier than ever. By keeping the temperature at a lower setting you can maximize the flavor profile of your concentrate. Quartz Dual Rods heat instantly, allowing the production of robust vapor. Despite its small stature, the (R)Evolve is equipped with a deep heating chamber to provide ample room for your concentrates. A beefed up battery gives you instant heating and a 10-second cutoff protects the coil from overheating once your concentrates have already been vaporized.



Say hello to your little friend! Coming in at 31% smaller than the original DaVinci IQ the MIQRO features the most precise temperature controls available allowing you to experiment with the full range of flavor and potency of your dry herb. This pocket-friendly vape features an innovative Smart Path heat settings that gradually increase in temperature over time. Thanks to an inert ceramic zirconia vapor path the MIQRO preserves all of the essential flavors and aromas of your dry herb. With an adjustable oven to customize bowl size, the MIQRO can accommodate any amount of material you have available. 


 So that’s whats on deck this month, it's going to be a long summer so make sure your vape-needs are met with a new piece!


Charles Mockler
VaporNation Content Writer

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Charles was introduced to vaping after moving to Los Angeles during the vaporizer boom. A fan of "true vaporization," he prefers convection vapes with ceramic ovens. His articles include What is an Induction Vaporizer?, How to Decarb Dry Herb, and 8 Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2018.

A graduate of the University of Montana, Charles now resides in the Greater Los Angeles area where he reviews vaporizers and hosts a podcast about the Los Angeles Clippers.

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