Best Glass Pipes of 2018


With a surge in the availability and production of quality glass pipes, the race for the best pipe just got that much more competitive. While subjective, we think these glass pipes are certainly worth your time. Check out the best pipes at VaporNation.

Atomic Bianca Dab Rig -29.99


Super compact, affordable, and practical. While this may sound like the Toyota Corolla of glass pipes, the Bianca Dab Rig delivers rips that rival the best glass pipes with richer price points. The beaker-style body offers increased water capacity over straight tubes and provides a steady base to prevent accidental breakage. The 5” size is portable for travel, while the price makes it an easy addition to any glass pipe collection.

Famous Brandz Clyde Double Bubbler - $45.99

If you think a bubbler doesn’t merit discussion in the best glass pipe blog, you’ve got another thing coming. The Clyde Double Bubbler from Famous Brandz packs a dual water-filtered, double-diffused water pipe in a palm-able size. The volume of hits delivered from this borosilicate glass pipe will have you double thinking the limits of physics. Or just really, really, chill. Smoke is cooled and smoothed for a less harsh experience, while the curved mouthpiece prevents water from reaching your lips. The Famous Brandz Clyde Double Bubbler hits like a water-filtered, super-charged version of your favorite hand-held or standard glass pipe.  

Jane West Spoon -$49.99


Jane West collaborated with Grav labs to create some iconic pieces for their glass line. All these glass pipes are made of borosilicate glass and feature a unique blue pigment achieved with cobalt ore. To say that these pipes are luxury, would be an understatement. The spoon is one of the smaller glass pipes of the line but remains equally impressive. The Jane West spoon provides a smooth and easy draw with a pleasurable tactile experience. This is a classic pipe that would be an ideal daily driver. 

Prometheus Pocket Pipe -$84.99


Part glass pipe, part indestructible smoke machine, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe is a swiss army knife for any smoke sesh. The pocket pipe offers the best features of glass pipes and metal pipes, with a borosilicate glass smoke path and aerospace-grade aluminum exoskeleton. The whole contraption comes apart for easy cleaning and care. The Prometheus will be a pipe that sticks with you.

GRAV Round Base Water Pipe - $99.99


Beaker pipes are the best. This is both my biased opinion and inference after seeing a million glass pipes inadvertently shattered to pieces. Your glass pipe needs a solid base or it’s going to get tipped over, period. Grav put a twist on this tried and true shape by adding a spherical base. This updated look not only stands out, but it holds more water due to the volume of a sphere. Don’t believe me? Check this equation: half the radius of this pipe filled with smoke times two fourths the square of pi…. did I lose you? That’s because you’re high.

Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocket Ship-$199.98


Simplicity is beauty and there’s nothing simpler than an old-fashioned straight tube. Straight tubes hold less water than their beaker brothers but deliver more dense smoke. The Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocket Ship offers a stylishly minimal take on a traditional glass pipe. An ice pinch allows you to add ice to the water pipe to cool the smoke even further. The stable Launch-Pad base, crafted from thick glass, keeps the Rocket Ship upright and ready for lift off.

Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership Water – 259.98

The Crown of the Snoop Dogg Pounds line, the Mothership is a sight to behold. The glass on this pipe is incredibly thick. The base is very stable, and the thickness of the glass should boast enhanced thermal cooling. But you don’t care about that, you care about how this beast of a pipe rips. With massive smoke volume and disk percs combined with dome percs, this glass pipe will have you aboard the mothership swiftly. The unique corn cob diffuser allows for even smoother hits. While the price is high, you will be too with one of the best glass pipes money can buy.

SourceVapes Recycler  - $39.95

Alright, this glass pipe is a little out of left field, but hear us out. This recycler is the perfect attachment to the Source Nail XL. It is also such a beautifully-designed recycler that it deserves some best glass pipe credit. The Source Vapes recycler is unlike any water attachment we’ve ever come across. It manages to hold more water than any other attachment, cool your vapor for the biggest hits, and never splashes on your lips. And really, is there anything else you want from a glass water pipe?

Why Should You Have A Glass Pipe?

Let’s take a little look at why you should have a glass pipe if you don’t already.  Simply put, while they don't offer the efficiency of vaporizers, they offer a potent smoke and a different experience. Glass isn’t going anywhere and with production techniques and the glass itself getting higher and higher in quality, we don’t want it to.

How Glass Pipes Work

Glass pipes create a vacuum which pulls smoke through the glass body. The glass walls of a pipe will cool the vapor as it travels to your lips. A carb or slide bowl is a feature on glass pipes that allows the user to break the vacuum seal created by the pipe to quickly inhale the concentrated smoke.  The larger the volume of the glass pipe, the bigger hits it will produce. The water in the pipe creates extra suction within the vacuum of the glass pipe, while also cooling the smoke.

Why Glass Pipes are the Best

The inert nature of glass combined with its thermal cooling properties make it an ideal material for smoking devices. Glass pipes, when cleaned and maintained properly, will deliver smooth hits which are more taste neutral than any other combustion method.

Are Glass Pipes Better than Metal?

Glass pipes will not affect the flavor the same way metal pipes do. Glass pipes are not susceptible to rust or oxidation, though metal pipes are. One advantage of metal pipes, however, is their durability. While thick glass pipes can stand up to heavy use and abuse, they will not be concentrate-proof.

Glass Pipe vs Ceramic

Glass is a better candidate for smoking devices when compared to ceramic. Both materials are similarly brittle, however, glass is more tolerant of thermal changes. This makes glass less prone to breakage when exposed to the high heats of smoking. Ceramic is also more porous than glass, so it will hold in more tar and resin which will affect flavor.  

Glass Pipe vs Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers and glass pipes have similar goals: conveniently extract the effects from your dry herbs or other materials. They both go about it in different ways. Vaporizers gently bring materials to heat, just under the point of combustion. Glass pipes use combustion, which will extract everything from your dry herbs. Perhaps even some ingredients you don’t particularly want. They both have their benefits. Glass pipes don’t require a battery to operate. They are also very straightforward. Vaporizers tend to be more complicated in operation and design, though they boast greater efficiency.

Glass Pipes vs Joints

Glass pipes and joints have their similarities as the oldest and most widely used methods of dry herb consumption. They use combustion to draw the essentials from your dry herb. Joints also add paper, which creates an additional material being combusted. This adds carbon and will make more harsh hits. Glass pipes only combust the herbs you want to consume and offer better cooling than joints for a smoother smoke.

Glass Pipes vs Blunts

Some users report feeling greater effects through blunts than glass pipes or joints. This is most likely due to the larger amount of herbal material used in blunts. It could also be an effect of the dry herbs combining with the nicotine in the tobacco leaf used for the blunt. Glass pipes do not add nicotine or tobacco to your smoking experience. This makes for a purer experience, not tainting the flavors. Users moving from blunts may find they have to load more bowls in their glass pipe to get the same effect as one blunt.

Care & Maintenance

So, you’ve done it, you’ve picked up the best glass water pipe. You’ve smoked it, it’s incredible. What now? After usage, it’s important to clean and maintain your water pipe to keep it operating at the highest standard (no pun intended). For more cleaning tips, check out our "How to Clean a Glass Pipe" blog.

What do you clean Glass pipes with?

Isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt are the best materials to clean glass pipes. Though other solvents such as vinegar can be used, isopropyl alcohol does a great job of breaking down thick resin. The alcohol will break down any deposits while the coarse salts act as an exfoliant to deep clean and remove grit and residue from hard-to-reach places.

How to Clean Glass Pipes

The basic operation of cleaning glass is simple, use an exfoliant and a solvent to clear away any sticky residue. You can follow this procedure:

  • Disassemble your glass pipe
    • Remove the bowl and down stem (if removable)
    • Place the smaller items in their own plastic bags
    • Add alcohol and salt to the bag, shake vigorously
  • Clean the pipe
    • Pour alcohol and salt into the glass pipe
    • Plug the down stem and the mouthpiece
      • You can do this with your hands or use rags or specialty rubber stoppers
      • Shake hard enough to break up any residue
      • Rinse the glass pipe and components thoroughly

By following these steps, you should be able to remove any lingering residue from your glass water pipe. This will maintain the proper function of your glass pipe.


This concludes our list of the best glass pipes of 2018. Let us know if you have any glass pipes you think we missed. What’s your favorite type of glass to use? Have any special tips or tricks for noobies? Let’s hear about it below in our comments section. VaporNation, out.

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