Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016

Home is where the heart is. That’s why desktop vaporizer sessions are special. There’s something comforting about exceptional vaporization you can share from the solace your den. If you’re looking for a vape to add to your living room set, we ranked the best desktop vaporizers of 2016 based on their performance, design, and usability.

5 - Volcano Digital

Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016The Volcano vaporizer set the standard for desktop vapes. Precision engineered, sturdy, and easy-to-use, this classic tabletop unit delivers vapor of smooth and flavorful character from herbal or wax materials with Precise Temperature Control and a built-in air filtration system. While the balloon-bag-centric Volcano is technically compatible with whips, users must buy a whip adaptor attachment separately. The digital version enables you to pinpoint the exact thermal sweet spot--down to the degree--for pure-tasting wax and herbal vaporization. It also boasts an auto-shut off feature so the vaporizer isn’t running when you’re not using it. Even in 2016, the Volcano remains on of the best desktop vaporizers available.

4 - Vapir Rise

Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016Dual-functionality, a high-powered heating system with a clean air path, and HEPA air filtration make the Vapir Rise desktop vape a contender for best desktop vaporizer on the market. Users can adjust temperature precisely. You can also slow or speed up the fans to control the speed at which the unit vaporizes as well as the density of the vapor. The level of control the Vapir Rise gives you over your vaping sessions, the richness of its functionality, and the quality of its vapor production make it one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market.

3 - Arizer Extreme Q

Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016The latest iteration of the Extreme Q shows how a little innovation can make a good vape great. The Arizer’s features--a high-quality ceramic heating element, 2 minute heat up time, precise temperature control, an inert vapor path--are cutting edge, delivering the kind of vaporization experience you’d expect from a top-of-the-line tabletop vaporizer.

But the Extreme Q is set apart by its unique heating chamber. Dubbed the Cyclone Bowl, it stands vertical to ensure air flows evenly through the heating chamber for balanced vaporization.

2 - Super Silver Surfer

Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016The Super Silver Surfer by 7th Floor is an improvement on its predecessor, the already formidable Silver Surfer. In addition to a forced air system for balloon-bagging or whip-style vaping, this stainless steel desktop vaporizer has a unique air-intake filter that plays a major part in the unit’s exceptionally pure vaporization.

Covering every base, 7th Floor took ambiance into consideration by including LED mood lights at the base of the unit with plenty of groovy colors for a wild ride.

1 - The Herbalizer

Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016When it comes to herbal vaporization, the Herbalizer desktop vaporizer remains the gold standard by virtue of its advanced medical-grade heating system, ergonomic design, and hallmark ease-of-use. Plant material can be vaporized at temperatures up to 445? with zero combustion, an unprecedented capability in herbal vaporizers. You can vape with balloon-bags, a whip, or an inert glass steamroller attachment that further preserves the flavors of your vaping material. There’s a reason why the Herbalizer is toted as “the Bentley of Vaporizers,” and that’s why it tops our list of the Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016. 

Thomas Gregorich
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