Best Outdoor Vapes

Best Outdoor Vapes

We know you love your vape and your vape loves you. When it’s time to take it outside, does your vape have what it takes to go with you? The following vapes do.

Atmos Jump

Although it's the cheapest vape on this list, don’t mistake the Atmos jump as a sub-par vape. Eschewing frills for straightforward usage and quality, compact construction, the Atmos Jump vape pen is the only true vaporizer of this size. That’s to say, Atmos Jump won’t burn your herb, just deliver clean vapor that’s as refreshing to the palate as fresh mountain air. Constructed from military-grade carbon fiber, the Atmos Jump is lightweight with the ability to survive a fall off a cliff. Just don’t jump after it, ok?

Pro Tip: A true outdoorsman is always prepared; accessorize your Atmos Jump with an additional mouthpiece, so nothing gets in the way between you and your vape.

Airvape Xs

AirVape Xs vaporizer

Let’s face it, some things that are designed to be taken outdoors look like absolute garbage. Likewise, many well-designed products aren’t really meant to be removed from their protective cases at the museum from which we stole them. Enter the Airvape XS, a chic vaporizer, whose design firmly, perhaps even sensually, straddles the line between rugged utility and attainable luxury. While not as discrete as a standard vape pen, it is the thinnest portable vape on the market and offers the versatility of use with dry herb or concentrates. The LCD Screen on the front will display your temperature, which can be controlled with precision, while the aluminum body will keep the unit protected, whether you’re climbing a peak or just trying to ascend your lunch break.

Pro Tip: The optional Airvape XS Shell adds increased functionality to your Airvape, creating a water resistant barrier that also acts as a cloak of stealth to keep your vaping incognito.

Roil Vaporizer

It’s a vape! It’s a pen! What is a vape pen anyway? With the moniker being thrown around, the term vape pen is applied to a fair share of portable vaporizers that are not very pen like at all. #ThisThingRips takes the vape pen to the most literal conclusion with the Roil vaporizer, making it an ideal outdoor companion for places you may be spotted. Great for backpackers and back country aficionados, the light weight and diminutive size of the Roil vape will allow it to be packed in even the tightest of spaces. What's more, the Roil vaporizer's coilless ceramic atomizer will deliver vapor flavorful enough to be a go-to vaporizer at home as well.

Pro Tip: The pen cap cover on the Roil vaporizer allows the unit to be protected from any drops or mishaps you throw at it, while adding the ability to sneak by the slyest of eyes. Think ball games, outdoor movies, theme parks--the Roil vape pen is the ideal companion for any outing.

G Pen Elite

The crowning achievement of the illustrious G Pen line from Grenco Science, the G Pen Elite takes an original approach to the portable vaporizer for dry herb. With a contoured body that hugs your hand, the G Pen Elite won’t slip from your grip during even the sweatiest of outdoor activities. The LCD display doesn’t eat up battery life, displaying only the essentials: battery life and temperature. And with precision temp control, you can toggle to the best temperature for your favorite strains in just a few clicks. 

Pro Tip: The G Pen Elite has one of the quickest heat-up times for a portable vaporizer for dry herb, so a quick hit can make the perfect reward during those trying aerobic activities.

Firefly 2

Crafted from lightweight-yet-otherworldly-strong magnesium, and complete with a borosilicate glass bowl, the Firefly 2 is the outdoor vape for the self-proclaimed gear gods and tech set in your camping crew.  While it can be controlled via Bluetooth app, it’s not necessary for operation, so it’s perfect for those who want to “unplug” for the weekend. It also comes with stainless steel pads, to add the ability to vaporize concentrates, if that’s your preference.

Pro Tip: while the Firefly 2 is incredibly intuitive for use, there is a little trick for getting the biggest hits you can out of the device. It’s called the “make it whistle” technique and it can help you get the most out of your Firefly 2 vaporizer.

The Vape Outdoors

Best Vapes for Outdoors

With summer on the horizon, you can’t go wrong with a great vape. Portability and reliability will always be paramount to any outdoor device, and the vapes above are sure to not disappoint. Go forth and enjoy the VAPE outdoors!

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