KandyPens RUBI: The Best Pod Vape


If you’re an e-juice or oily concentrate user, refilling your vape tanks and utilizing mods can sometimes be a pain. Breakage and gunky buildup can make a mess and taint your overall vaping experience. Thankfully in the vape-world, as time goes on, good companies make things easier to use.

KandyPens has introduced an “open pod” system in their RUBI vaporizer that makes refilling and customizing your e-juice or concentrate experience easier than ever. Closed pod systems feature tanks that are shipped pre-filled with e-juice, while this system may save you a little bit of time preperation wise, it severely limits the customization capabilities of your vape experience.

The open pod system on the KandyPens RUBI is the best way to ensure you’re enjoying fresh sessions each time as you can fill it with whatever material you’d like to vape. Refillable pod vapes are the most efficient way to enjoy liquid material with a simple design that any level of vaper can use. For users who have an active palate combining flavors and crafting your own personal recipes is much easier than before.

The KandyPens RUBI, thanks to its low-key design and ease-of-use has thrust itself into the “best pod vape” conversation since the day it was released.

Filling Your KandyPens RUBI 

From the first time you look at the RUBI you’re able to get an idea of how the device works, something not found in most e-juice or liquid concentrate vapes. The buttonless operation means the learning curve for the RUBI is almost non-existent, as the auto-draw system allows you to grab the RUBI and take a draw whenever you might need some vapor. KandyPens made the RUBI Pods very easy to refill since it employs the “open pod” system.


To fill your KandyPens RUBI with e-juice find the filling hole on the side of the cartridge and just simply squirt enough liquid into the tank, put the top back on, and snap into place. Concentrates are just as easily filled as they can be scraped into the pod “as is” or diluted with vegetable glycerin to give thicker concentrates a little more fluidity when vaping. Each time a RUBI pod is inserted a satisfying click sound can be heard to let you know that the pod is locked in and won’t be at risk of coming loose from the battery in between draws.

By deviating from the pre-filled cartridge system, the KandyPens RUBI can be filled with any liquid concentrate, no matter the brand. For those users who have very set ways when it comes to vaping, the RUBI pods allow for different flavors to be filled and parceled out for the right occasion. Since RUBI Pods are also easily stored and leakproof, you can have a whole menu of flavors on deck and ready to vape at a moment's notice.

A Flavorful Session, Everytime 

Other than the ease of use factor enjoyed by the RUBI as a whole, the RUBI Pods incorporate a ceramic coil wrapped in Japanese cotton that truly make this one of the best pod vaporizers available. Both of these elements flush out the flavor profiles of concentrates and e-juice thoroughly so no characteristic of your material is lost or overshadowed.

In designing the RUBI, KandyPens put more of a focus on flavor experience rather than cloud production, as users of pod vapes might be enjoying vapor in environments like at the office, where billowing clouds of vapor might not be wanted. If you are wanting larger clouds from your draws, there is a carb hole on the side of the RUBI, simply just cover it to conceal and leave it uncovered to boost your cloud size.

Small, Yet Mighty Battery 


Since the KandyPens RUBI is air-activated it is one of the safest vapes on the market since it cannot be accidentally turned on while being stored in a pocket or purse. The RUBI is able to give rich draws of vapor thanks to a 1.6-ohm heating element and a battery that distributes 8.5 watts of power, after a full charge the RUBI delivers around 50 draws before needing to be charged again. Charging time from USB takes around a half an hour, so your vape downtime is very low compared to any other e-juice or concentrate vaporizer out today.

KandyPens RUBI: The Best Pod Vape Available



For users who need a reliable, on-the-go, and discreet e-juice or concentrate vaporizer, the KandyPens RUBI should be your go-to. Not only does it perform bigger than its size, its also cemented itself as the best pod vape currently out. The ability to easily fill your pod plus being able to mix your own flavors makes the RUBI one of the few convenient-yet-customizable vaporizers available. KandyPens engineered the RUBI to be an “everyday” vape and it couldn’t have done any better giving this unit a sleek design and no-nonsense operation.


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