12 Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2018

Best Portable Vaporizers for Dry Herb of 2018

Portable dry herb vaporizers offer a clean, convenient, and potent way to enjoy herb without the downsides of smoking. But with so many vapes hitting the shelves, it can be tough finding the best one.

To simplify things, we compiled a list of our favorite portable herb vapes. 

We recommend using the OTTO automatic grinder with these devices. It finely mills herb, which is PERFECT for vaporizers. 

If herb's not your thing, you can find the best vape pens of 2018 here

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

PAX 3 Vaporizer - $199.99 (Basic Kit) or $249.99 (Complete Kit)

An iconic vaporizer gets a facelift 



  • 15 Second Heat Up Time
  • Haptic Feedback
  • 3500 mAh Battery
  • Dry Herb and Concentrate Use (Complete Kit)
  • Bluetooth App Enabled
  • Efficiency Mode

The Pax 3 is the newest addition to the revolutionary line of Pax portable vaporizers. The heating system and battery in the Pax 3 are upgraded from previous models and has added haptic (vibrational) feedback to let you know when your chosen temperature has been met. For tech-savvy vape users, the Pax 3 can be controlled by a mobile app, giving you more control over your vape sessions. 

A 3500mAh lithium-ion battery gives the Pax 3 500mAh more power than the older model. This boosted power cuts the heat up time from 45 seconds to 20 for the hottest temperature setting. You can choose from 360°F, 380°F, 400°F, or 420°F and enjoy hits on-the-go with barely any waiting time. The powerful battery only takes around 90 minutes to charge, which is much quicker than most vapes with this battery size.

Aside from a boosted battery the Pax 3 has also added dual-use capability to its list of features. A concentrate insert comes with the Pax 3 Complete Kit to allow you to enjoy waxy concentrates anywhere, anytime. The Pax 3 can stretch even the smallest amount of concentrate into a solid 15-minute flavor-filled session. 

The Pax 3 is available in the Basic Kit or the Complete Kit. Both kits come with a maintenance kit, charging cable and dock, and two extra mouthpieces. The Complete Kit includes the Concentrate Insert, Half-Pack Oven Lid to help budget dry herb sessions, 3 extra screens, a multi-tool, and carrying case. 


Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer - $349.00

Elite vapor production from an industry giant 




  • Combination Convection/Conduction Heating System
  • One Button Control
  • Large LED Display
  • Ultra-Low Draw Resistance 
  • Dual Lithium-Ion Battery

When the company that invented the Volcano Vaporizer come out with a portable vape, you know it will be an elite unit. The Mighty is more powerful and precise than its predecessor the Crafty (more on that model later) and gives you total control over your vape sessions. Easy to operate thanks to a bright LED display and intuitive +/- buttons to regulate temperature the Mighty has a very approachable design, something rare in elite vaporizers.

The vapor production on the Mighty is unparalleled by most other portable dry herb vaporizers thanks to its hybrid-heating technology. Convection heating provides immediate and continuous vaporization, and the conduction function makes sure vapor is present from your first draw. With this heating system, the Mighty reaches temperature quickly without charring your dry herb and is still able to flush out all the flavors of your dry herb no matter the amount packed. 

 Storz & Bickel gave the Mighty dual lithium-ion batteries to ensure hours of continuous use, and if your Mighty dies it can be operated via a power adapter. The high-grade construction, easy-to-use design, and hybrid heating of the Mighty make it a must have for dry herb enthusiasts wanting desktop performance from a portable unit. 

Pulsar APX 2 - $69.99

Affordable portable with convection heating. 

Pulsar APX 2 Portable Vaporizer


  • Pocket-friendly Size
  • Convection Heating
  • 5 Preset Temps (356F-428F)
  • Upgraded Mouthpiece
  • 30 Second Heating
  • Enhanced Vapor Path

Affordable, compact, and dynamic, the Pulsar APX 2 is the best portable dry herb vaporizer for those who want great vapor quality on-the-go and on a budget. At just 4” you can hide the APX 2 in your hand as you vape. You can also pocket it without a problem.

The controls are easy-to-use with just one button. And a new interface is brighter and clearer. You won’t get hung up on the controls while you’re trying to take a quick hit on your feet.

Most portable dry herb vaporizers in this price range aren’t the greatest. But here you have an advanced convection heating system inside a $69.99 unit. Rather than burn herb against the hot walls of the oven, hot air spews in, covering more surface area and extracting smoother vapor. The flavor is exceptional, and the newly upgraded mouthpiece has great draw resistance. The new silicon vapor path preserves flavor notes and aromas well. With the APX 2, there’s no reason to believe you can’t have great vapor at a decent price.

With their second APX vaporizer, Pulsar has continued focusing on the essential and letting the excessive go. The result is arguably the best portable vaporizer under $100. It’s simple to use, sleek, and produces comfortable tasty vapor. Ideal for dry herb enthusiasts on a budget, the Pulsar APX is back and better than ever. 

AirVape X - $179.00  

Lightweight and wallet-thin with precision heating.

AirVape X is super thin and lightweight with heavy-duty functionality.


  • Precision Temperature (200F-420F)
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece
  • 20-Second Heating
  • 25% Larger Ceramic Chamber
  • Isolated Airpath
  • Lightweight Aluminum Build
  • Wax Concentrate Compatibility

AirVape X is an upgrade to Apollo AirVape's original offering, the Xs. The ceramic chamber is 25% larger, and the mouthpiece is now magnetically attached. The X is very thin and lightweight, but its functionality is heavy. Precision temperature, a rare feature for portables, lets you pinpoint any heat setting between 200F-420F. My experience with this portable herb vape was satisfying. The vapor is comfortable, flavor-rich, and clean. And it takes only 20 seconds to start vaping.

A few useful AirVape accessories are available. The remote power bank, for example, allows charging from anywhere and the Xs Shell (compatible with the X and its predecessor, the Xs) keeps the device safe, hidden, and odor-proof on the road while still enabling operation.

AirVape X is designed for easy operation so you can take quick hits on-the-go. The controls are simple. Just press the up and down buttons to toggle temperature and turn the unit on or off using the power button. An LCD screen shows battery power, temperature and time left before the auto-shutoff safety feature kicks in. And haptic feedback vibrates to notify you when the unit is heated up. You can hit the street in style and still get the most out of your dry herb.

Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer - $279.00

Convection and conduction work together to provide rich flavor and large clouds 



  • Haptic Feedback 
  • Ultra-Low Draw Resistance 
  • Combination Convection-Conduction Heating
  • Durable Design
  • Precise Temperature Control 

We mentioned the Storz & Bickel Mighty a few vaporizers earlier, well this is the vaporizer that made that model possible. The Crafty is smaller than the Mighty but boasts the same combination convection-conduction heating system and durable construction. The Crafty is more portable than the Mighty, as it has just one lithium-ion battery, making it easier to fit in a pocket or purse. 

The small size of the Crafty is complimented by a one-button control system that makes it very easy to use and unintimidating. One press of a button turns the Crafty one and instantly begins the heating process, getting to the default temperature of 365°F in around 60 seconds. If you're looking for large clouds as opposed to a more flavorful experience a second click will bump the temperature to 383°F. The hybrid heating system utilizes the quick heat up time of conduction heating, with the convection aspect bathing your dry herb in hot air to efficiently vape your herbs without burning them. 

If you're ready to step your portable dry herb vape game up, the Crafty is a fantastic option. The durable construction gives you some peace of mind should you drop it, and the easy-to-use interface will make even the most novice of vapers feel in control of their session. 

G Pen Pro - $99.95 

A sleek on-the-go companion with surprisingly smooth vapor.  

G Pen Pro Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb


  • Conduction Heating
  • 3 Preset Temps
  • Color-Coded Light Display
  • Compact Design
  • Ceramic Herb Chamber
  • Fast Heat Up

G Pen Pro is a sleek, compact portable herb vaporizer. Its vapor production is better than most vapes in its class. And its pocket-friendly nature gives it a discreet quality. This unit is great for those who want vapor quality, portability, and ease-of-use. The essentials are done right with no excessive features. And the easy controls and small size fit swimmingly into the modern lifestyle. The ergonomic shape also feels pleasant in your grip, so you don’t get tired of using it every day.

As with most portable dry herb vaporizers, you want to finely grind herb before loading the ceramic conduction oven. Then you want to pack it fairly tight. Just pop the mouthpiece off and load up using the included tool. Then tamp the top of the load down. This will promote even heating. The ceramic conducts herb without burning it. No smoky smells or tastes, and no harshness. It’s tough to beat that level of vapor quality in units this small. Especially on the lower temperatures, G Pen Pro pulls off some comfortable, delicious, and potent draws.

In a complicated world, G Pen Pro keeps it simple. One button does it all. You can turn it on with a few clicks, then toggle temperatures, take a hit, and shut it off. A color coded row of LED lights lets you know what temperature you’re on. You can enjoy fairly large clouds on the higher temperatures, and the lower temps will create smaller, more flavorful sips. G Pen Pro is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers for those who want great vapor and usability without breaking the bank.

Firefly 2 - $329.95 

The iPhone of Vaporizers. 

Firefly 2 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer


  • Touch Controls
  • Mobile App
  • Customizable Temperature
  • 4-Second Heat Up
  • Convection Heating
  • Magnesium Alloy Build

Firefly 2 is as close to a work of art as a vaporizer can get. Elegant, functional, and reliable, this portable dry herb vaporizer perfects the essentials. Touch-activated sensors turn the unit on more seamlessly than the usual 5-click activation. It’s always ready to go but won’t accidentally turn on in your pocket. The heating system only engages when you take a hit, preserving herb. And you can customize your temperature from your smartphone using the Firefly mobile app.

"The Firefly 2 is one of my favorite dry herb vaporizers on the market. The sleek, stylish design is easy to use and fits right in my bag or pocket. The convection style vaporizer heats up quickly and the borosilicate glass bowl allows for the full flavors of my dry herb to come through. I can easily adjust the temperature with my smartphone and love that I can use it for concentrates too!"

Love went into the design of the Firefly 2. Both co-creators devoted months of experimentation to find the perfect heating coil. The material they ended up using does not present the same issues associated with the nichrome found in most vaporizers. The notion that they would sacrifice so much of their time says a lot about the quality about this vape. You can feel the care that went into it when taking a hit. But the Firefly 2 offers more than a personal touch. Designed in part by an ex-Apple engineer, Firefly 2's usability, vapor, and look are lightyears ahead of vaporizers that came before and an influence on those that came after.

Ideal for dry herb connoisseurs who want better control over their vaping while still enjoying a portable experience, Firefly 2 heats herb with hot air rather than hot surfaces. The vapor is, therefore, smoother, cleaner, tastier, and more potent. The overall experience is simple, effective, and fun--just like the iPhone.

Arizer Air II - $229.99

The second coming of a true connoisseur's vaporizer.

Arizer Air 2 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer


  • 50% More Battery Power
  • Faster Heating
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Isolated Vapor Path
  • Glass Aroma Tubes
  • Portable Shape

With double the battery life and half the heat up time, Arizer Air II is another improvement on an already awesome portable dry herb vaporizer. Still small, but even more powerful, the Air 2 offers the same all-glass vapor path and convection heating of the Arizer Solo II with a more pocket-friendly design.

Most portable vaporizers this size don’t have what the Air II offers. Precision temperature control is easy to toggle with the “-” and “+” buttons. You can explore different vapor profiles by going up or down a few degrees. Lower temperatures are especially good at making small, flavorful clouds, which the Air 2 is more than capable of preserving with its kit of glass aroma tubes.

The Air 2’s bread and butter is its heating system and all-glass vapor path. Expect really great flavor with a smooth profile. Convection heating extracts cannabinoids from dry herb without burning it, while the conduction oven heats fast for quick hits. The two heating styles also work together to vaporize every bit of herb for a more efficient session.

Dry herb enthusiasts with a taste for finely flavored vapor, but no patience for bulky desktop units, will appreciate the Arizer Air 2’s compact but powerful character.

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer - $149.00

Smaller. Smarter. Stronger. 

DaVinci MIQRO features a sleek and solid anodized aluminum casing.



  • 31% Smaller than DaVinci IQ
  • Adjustable Bowl Size
  • Smart Path Technology
  • Precision Temperature
  • Removable 18350 Battery
  • Ceramic Zirconia Vapor Path
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 71 Hidden Messages
  • Anodized Aluminum Casing

The best portable dry herb vaporizers are getting smaller and smarter. The soon to be launched DaVinci MIQRO is a prime example. It's 31% more pocket-friendly than the previous DaVinci release, the IQ. But it packs the same advanced technology--namely four heat settings that slowly climb 20 degrees to thoroughly extract every compound that can possibly be extracted from herb. On top of that, it has precision temperature. All the bases are covered in the heating department. You can explore tons of different vapor profiles, all on the go.

But here's something even more interesting...

MIQRO features Smart Path heat settings that don't just stick to one temperature. Each setting spans 20 degrees, slowly climbing in temperature through the session. With each gradual increase, more and more compounds are unlocked. You get more flavor, more effects, and more experiences. 

But that's not all that's great about DaVinci MIQRO...

This is a seriously well-designed vaporizer. It's slick, solid, and functional. A built-in pick tool is a nice touch. So are the 71 different hidden messages displayed when the device is off. It's basically the same design as the DaVinci IQ with one exception--you can adjust the bowl size by up to 50%, which means you can enjoy the same vapor quality even with smaller amounts of herb. Beneath the elegant exterior, a ceramic zirconia air path preserves all the flavor. The hits are smooth and flavor-rich. 

This is in our humble opinion one of the best portable herb vaporizers to date. 

Boundless CFC - $89.99

Compact, tactical, and equipped with precision temperature. 

Boundless CFC Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer


  • Precision Temperature Control (140F-446F)
  • Digital LCD Screen
  • Fast Heating
  • Big Ceramic Oven
  • Very Compact
  • 1900mAh Battery
  • USB Charging

Boundless CFC is one of the most compact portable dry herb vaporizers out there. Vapes this small don’t usually have enough room in their build for advanced technology. But Boundless lives up to their name, packing precision temperature control into a very pocket-friendly vaporizer.

The ceramic oven is exceptionally large for a portable vaporizer. You won’t have to load as often. A full bowl can get you through a day, which is great news for those who stress over handling herb in public. The ceramic walls heat herb “slow and low” for flavorful hits. An isolated vapor path does not leak or expose vapor to contaminates.

A powerful 1900mAh battery provides a 30-second heat up and longer battery life. Expect around 15 sessions per charge. The Boundless CFC takes only 2 hours to charge up via USB. A four-minute auto-shutoff feature turns the unit off when idle in order to save battery power.

The CFC vaporizer features that rubberized, ribbed exterior seen in other Boundless units. The space in between each “rib” ensures heat dissipates faster so the vaporizer won’t get hot in your hand. This also gives the CFC a grippable feel and a tactical look.

If you like portability just as much as vapor production, pocket the Boundless CFC.  

Boundless Tera - $219.99

Pocket-friendly powerhouse.

Boundless Tera in black tactical design featuring high grade plastic.


  • Convection Heating
  • Precision Temp Control (140-446F)
  • Herb and Wax Compatible
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Removable 18650 Batteries
  • Pocket-Friendly

Boundless Tera has it all. Convection heating delivers true vaporization, precision temperature gives you mastery over your vapor profiles, and the device handles both herb and concentrates. You can even connect a water pipe to it using the included attachment--pretty rare for a portable vaporizer. All this functionality is packed into a pocket-friendly unit with a tactical black rubber design that withstands life's wear-and-tear. 

One big question is, how well does the Tera handle herb and concentrate? Can it do both well? The answer is "yes" for two reasons. First, it can be toggled up to 446F, so the best temperature for both herb and concentrates can be reached. Second, the convection heating pulls great flavor and effects from both materials without burning them. Tera produces the kind of vapor you'd expect from a desktop unit, except on-the-go. 

So what else makes this device one of the best dry herb vaporizers? Aside from its advanced heating, Tera is one of the most easy-to-use vaporizers on the list. The batteries are removable, so you can buy extra 18650s and swap out a dead battery with a fresh one anytime without having to wait to charge. When you do charge, it's via USB, so you can power up from a variety of different sources. Lastly, the Tera has a simple control interface and heats fairly fast, so you can enjoy good vapor in a quick and easy manner. 

Arizer Solo II - $239.99 

Portable with the vapor quality of a desktop vaporizer.

Arizer Solo 2 Portable Herb Vaporizer


  • Glass Airpath
  • Precise Temperature
  • LED Display
  • Stronger Battery
  • Faster Heat Up

An upgrade to an already impressive portable dry herb vaporizer, the Arizer Solo II is for connoisseurs who want “true vaporization” in which the herb is vaporized without any combustion. It’s portable, though its strength isn’t compactness. Its excellent vapor production and dynamic temperature control, akin to a desktop unit, are its star features. But let’s not forget its upgraded battery. You now get a whopping 3 hours of continuous vaping, and heat up time only takes 30 seconds.

Arizer Solo II may be a bit larger than the usual portable dry herb vaporizer, but that extra space makes room for its advanced convection heating system. Basically, stealthiness is traded for really tasty vapor, so for those who want better vapor production and don’t mind having slightly less portability, this is the best portable herb vaporizer for you.

Arizer Solo II comes with a kit of glass attachments used to load herb and also deliver vapor. These high-grade borosilicate “aroma tubes” preserve the essential flavors and aromas of herb without “rubbing off” any unwanted tastes or odors on your hits. The tubes feature a herb chamber on one end that should be tightly packed with finely ground herb for the best results. The other end is a long tube through which vapor travels to your mouth like a straw. Aroma tubes come in two sizes and can be pre-loaded and closed with the included rubber caps so you can travel with them. The glass kit adds a connoisseur's touch you’re not going to find in most portable dry herb vaporizers.

Temperature is controlled using an LED display and circular rubber button interface. You can pinpoint exact temperatures between 122F and 428F. You can also keep track of session time, battery life, and toggle display brightness and startup time. Arizer makes everything easy to do, focusing more on the essentials like vapor quality and battery power than flashy features.

Magic Flight Launch Box - $119.00 

A curious wooden portable with robust vapor and a mystical vibe. 

Magic Flight Launch Box


  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Made by Local Artisans
  • Very Compact
  • 5 Second Heat Up
  • Easy to Use
  • Lifetime Warranty

Magic Flight Launch Box is a beautifully carved wooden vaporizer with mystical symbols and sayings. So it’s all-natural, eco-friendly and looks really cool.

The Launch Box is powered by what looks to be a Double A. In reality, it’s a rechargeable NiMH battery. The battery slides into a port in the Launch Box and within 5 seconds the unit is heating your herb. You can see vapor building up in the chamber through the transparent lid. The user releases the battery as they take a hit to ensure no overheating occurs. And that’s that. The whole experience is simple and fast like vaping has been boiled down to the bare essentials.

That down-to-earth vibe carries over into the vapor quality. The hits are true to the flavors of dry herb. They’re also quite big and robust. You inhale through a glass stem straw that cools hits and provides a clean vapor path.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a portable dry herb vaporizer that intends to be useful and meaningful. The philosophical quotes and whimsical artwork adds a friendly, transcendent vibe to your vaping. The overall simplicity and quality of its design feel homespun in a good way.

Vapium Lite - $79.99 

Lighter, mightier.

Vapium Lite offers an adventure-ready vaping experience.


  • Eight Preset Temperatures (356F-446F)
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Clean Air Path
  • 30-Second Heating
  • Integrated Stir Tool
  • Compact Design
  • USB-C Charging

Vapium first caught my attention with the Summit, the first splash proof vape. Vapium Lite is similarly designed for adventure but with a few innovative twists. Vapium designed a clean air path that keeps vapor separate from the electronics and heating chamber for a cleaner hit. There's also a built-in stir tool so you don't have to carry one. And USB-C charging means you never have to rotate the charger cable to make it fit correctly. Best of all, Vapium Lite features eight presets so you can jump right to your preferred setting without missing a beat. 

DaVinci MIQRO Explorers Edition - $199.00

Explore more. 

DaVinci MIQRO Explorers Edition kit leaves more to discover.


  • DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer
  • Premium Accessories
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Extra 18350 Battery
  • Keychain Storage Compartment 
  • Heat Glove
  • Grinder Coin

If you're into the DaVinci MIQRO, but want more accessories, the Explorers Edition is worth exploring. It features an extra battery so you can swap out when the battery dies. Continuous use anyone? 

You also get a heat glove that protects the MIQRO--and makes it look pretty cool. 

A grinder coin enables on-the-go prepping of your herb. 

The DaVinci MIQRO - Explorers Edition is $50 more than the stand-alone MIQRO. But the extra chunk of change is well worth it. You get a more complete vaping experience that's full of quality, convenience, and great tasting vapor. 

Yocan Explore - $79.99

A powerful box mod for exploring both wax and dry herb on-the-go. 


Yocan Explore Portable Vaporizer


  • 2600mAh Battery
  • Precision Temperature Control (200F-460F)
  • 100% Ceramic Chamber
  • Wax and Herb Compatible
  • Integrated Stir Tool

If you like vaping dry herb and wax, Yocan Explore is a dual-compatibility portable vaporizer with a mighty box mod battery. The Explore gives you full control over vapor profiles. Users can choose temperature by the exact degree. Naturally, the clouds can get anywhere from small and tasty to huge and robust. The 100% ceramic chamber generates good flavor and density from herb, and users can simply swap out the threaded concentrate coil to vape wax.

When you’re in herb mode, the Explore features an integrated stir tool. Just twist the mouthpiece and a steel tool built-into the chamber will stir the bowl. That way you don’t have to unscrew the atomizer to mix up herb in between sessions. This helps the Explore vaporize the bowl more efficiently.

The Explore is advanced, but the price is still affordable. It’s a great option if you want to be able to vaporizer wax and herb with one vaporizer.

About the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

What do portable dry herb vaporizers offer?

For the beginners out there, a vaporizer is an electronic device which heats dry herb at temperatures below but close enough to the point of combustion to extract flavor, aroma, and effects in the form of vapor. Just like pipes, vaporizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have the same essential function, delivering cannabinoid-rich hits. The most popular type is the portable dry herb vaporizer.

What Do Herbal Vaporizers Offer?

Why are portable vaporizers for dry herb popular? Well, for a few important reasons. They’re compact, wireless, and easy-to-use, which all combine to offer a better experience than other types of vaporizers provide. Vaporizers can offer many different advantages. With vape pens or desktop vaporizers, you get maybe one or two of them. With a portable dry herb vaporizer, you get all of them.

Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer

Stealth - Even in legalized states, most people don’t want to take a big fat hit in public, right? For one thing just because dry herb is legal in certain states doesn’t mean it’s legal to use on the street. In fact, even eliquid vaping is being treated like cigarette smoking in terms of where you’re allowed to enjoy it. This is why portable herb vaporizers have exploded in popularity lately. Because they are compact and cordless, they’re much stealthier than desktop vaporizers. You can conceal them in your hand while you vape, and you can carry them in your pocket without hassle.

Ease-of-Use - Most portable dry herb vaporizers feature simple user experiences. Many only have one button, typically clicked three or five times in rapid succession to power up or toggle heat settings. This not only makes things easier, it lets you set up vaping sessions faster. If you have just a moment to take a hit, you don’t want to fiddle with complicated controls. Just a few clicks with a portable vaporizer for dry herb and you’re ready to go. These units are ideal for commuters, 9-to-5ers and those who are always on their feet. Nothing like a quick hit in between buses or on your 10 minute break.

Portability - Desktop units may be powerful, but with a plug-in power source, they’re definitely not portable. Those who don’t like limiting their vape sessions to the household opt instead for portable dry herb vaporizers. Most units can be charged via USB from the car, computer, wall outlet (with adapter) so you can pretty much charge from anywhere. And portable vaporizers can feature powerful batteries that last all day. Simply double check the mAh capacity of a unit’s battery before purchasing to ensure the longest battery life.

Vapor Quality - Vape pens have the best portability but weaker vapor quality. Desktop units have no portability but the best vapor quality. Portable dry herb vaporizers find a balance between both. They often feature convection heating systems, the best way to heat dry herb, despite their compact builds. Convection sends hot air into the chamber to cover more surface area and prevent combustion. It minimizes smoke to produce smoother, tastier hits.

Do Portable Vaporizers for Dry Herb Get You Higher?

A lot of people wonder, with good reason, about vape high vs smoke high. Everyone has an opinion, but there are actually studies out there that tackle this question scientifically. Here are some notable examples:

  • In 2004, the Volcano vaporizer’s output was found to consist of 95% THC. One the other hand, smoke consisted of 88% non-cannabinoids.

  • A 2014 study observed the reactions of about 100 participants to vaping and smoking. The majority of them claimed they felt higher after vaping, and that moving forward they would opt for vaporizers instead of smoking.

  • In 2015, researchers found vaporizers to be an effective way to introduce THC into the bloodstream.

While some prefer the robust rips of a water bong or hand pipe, those who seek more potency are better off with a vaporizer.

What Makes the Best Vaporizers so Great?

The best vaporizers excel in a number of areas. Many portable dry herb vaporizers are incredible at one thing. The real cream of the crop are great at everything. So, when compiling our list of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb, we considered the hundreds of units we've tried out over the years, then narrowed it down to the top ten that really broke the mold on all accounts. The main criteria we used to judge these elite vaporizers is as follows:

Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer

Heating System - The heating system of a vaporizer dictates the quality of its vapor production. The best vaporizers generally incorporate convection style heating systems with high quality ceramic or quartz chambers or heating elements. Don't like smoke? Vaporizers that produce minimal combustion deliver the purest vapor. 

Quality - The best vaporizers are made of the best stuff. Elements such as borosilicate glass vapor paths and pure ceramic heating chambers are indicators of a high quality portable vaporizer. These materials vaporize dry herb efficiently and then preserve the essential components so you can experience the full benefits. Love flavor? Go for an all-glass vapor path on low temperatures.

Usability - The easier a vaporizer is to use, the better it will fit into your lifestyle. Single-button controls, preset temperatures, and bluetooth mobile app compatibility all contribute to a portable vaporizer's ease of use. A fast heat up time and simple controls are ideal for vaping on-the-go. 

While there are many great portable vaporizers out there, this lineup is truly exceptional in the areas of heating, usability, and quality. These are the three pinnacles upon which great vaping rests. Of course, most of the units that made our list are also exceptionally portable, but that isn't the quality we find most of our customers seek. In fact, it seems most people rightfully want a vaporizer that delivers flavorful, comfortable hits and doesn't break down on them in one week. Hence our list of incredibly well-built, high performance portable dry herb vaporizers. 

Want More Options?

Find Portable Vaporizers

Our list of the portable dry herb vaporizers to look out for in 2018 features the best of the best, however there are plenty more options out there. From the German-engineered Storz and Bickel line to the popular PAX models down to the innovative and dazzlingly designed DaVinci IQ, you can find the best portable vaporizer for you right here.

Thomas Gregorich
VaporNation Content Writer

Thomas Gregorich is a writer at The VaporNation Blog, a Los Angeles-based online publication focused on providing balanced and trustworthy information about vaporizers. His blogs are visited by an average of 60,000 readers each month. His goal? To help build awareness about the true benefits and downsides of vaping.

As a vaporizer critic for the past two years, Thomas does not recommend that people take up vaping if they don't already smoke. He also does not claim that vaping is healthier than smoking. He does, however, provide information on how to choose and use vaporizers for those who already practice smoking or vaping.

Thomas bought his first vaporizer after looking for an alternative to smoking, a practice which he found to be odorous and wasteful. Since then, he's become an enthusiast, reviewing the most popular devices to provide readers with a balanced perspective. His aim is to offer responsible advice and information that ensures the continued happiness, health, and safety of his readers.

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