How To Build The Best Stash Box


They say that success is where preparation and opportunity meet, and nothing epitomizes this quote more than having a perfectly curated stash box on hand. Getting caught lacking during a smoking session can make the best of us look terrible, so don’t skip out on the necessities. From storage to prep, having your stash box properly equipped can make the difference between a fantastically elevated outing or a spill-filled sob-fest. Be it preparing your dry herb or enjoying some non-intrusive water filtration we’ve got the comprehensive list of what you need to build the best stash box. 

Puffingtons Pitch N Puff


First off we have the uber-discreet Puffingtons Pitch N Puff combo. Included in this kit is the Bent Grass Ball Stash and the Pitch N Puff One Hitter. This duo knocks out two big necessities on the “stash box checklist”: storage and something to consume your dry herb from. Even if you’re not a golfer the Bent Grass Ball Stash is an insanely handy item to store your herb. The ball stash can fit an afternoon’s amount of dry herb, either ground or in “whole" form. With well-engineered threading users can be assured their stash won’t spill all over their bag during a hike or if you happen to be getting a quick 9 holes in.

Paired with the Ball Stash is the classically styled Pitch N Puff One Hitter. With a stylish gold rim, this one-hitter allows you to load your dry herb quickly and take budgeted hits on-the-go. As stash boxes go having small, portable tools is a must, and this Puffingtons combo is an excellent base for getting your stash box up to snuff.

Magic Flight Nano Grinder


Having the ability to grind up dry herb on-the-go can be the saving grace of a smoke session. Jamming full nugs into your one-hitter or trying to use your fingers to break up the herb can waste product and lead to annoyingly sticky fingers. While a grinder isn’t necessarily a “take and use” product, having one on deck can come in handy if more dry herb gets introduced into your session than you had been expecting.

The Magic Flight Nano Grinder is one of the smallest grinders available so tossing it in your stash box won’t be too big of a “space commitment.” Designed to fit the bowl size of the Magic Flight Launch Box, the Nano Grinder shreds enough dry herb to fit whatever bowl or one-hitter you’ll be utilizing. A non-stick finish ensures that you’ll be getting back 100% of the terpenes and crystals that are within your dry herb. The body of the Magic Flight Nano grinder is equipped to deal with any drops or tumbles the grinder might take.

Smoke Buddy Junior 


While some smokers are okay with everyone in a two-mile radius knowing that they’re enjoying dry herb, others want to keep their usage on the down low. Most smokers are familiar with a “sploof,” the old school toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet shoved into it to help with smelly exhales. While this do-it-yourself tool is great for dorm rooms or strict households, having to carry around two pieces of trash isn’t the ideal way to hide your smoke output. Thanks to the Smoke Buddy Junior keeping your exhales discreet is now hassle-free and a little more “grown-up” feeling.



Housed inside of the flexible, unbreakable silicone shell is an advanced air filter designed to eliminate any unwanted smell or odor. The Smoke Buddy Junior is environmentally friendly the keeps secondhand smoke away from anyone nearby. With a smaller design than the original Smoke Buddy, the Smoke Buddy Junior is lightweight and small enough to fit in your stash box

The Martian from MJ Arsenal and banana bros. OTTO cones


Rounding out the stash box necessities is a portable water filtration option that will smooth your dry herb smoke without cramping your stash box’s style or adding a cumbersome accessory into the mix. The MJ Arsenal Martian Bubbler is a super compact, borosilicate glass bubbler for rolled dry herb goods. This is the first ever pocket-sized bubbler for enjoying smoother hits from cones or blunts. Small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of the user’s hand The Martian moisture-cools and amplifies each rip to perfection. Coming in at just 2” high and 1” wide The Martian will feel right at home in your stash box, taking up little space while providing unmatched value and convenience.


To go with your new cone bubbler is, well, some new cones! Originally meant to be used with the banana bros. OTTO Grinder, the banana bros. cones burn slowly and evenly, with a wide lip to make the filling and twisting of your cone that much easier. Packaged in an easily-packable box of 20 the banana bros. cones are free of GMOs, animal products, and any chemicals. A solid, “hand-rolled” design prevents bending and running to ensure optimal airflow and burn. No stash box is complete without papers, and with streamlined packaging and easy-fill capabilities the banana. bros OTTO cones are the perfect paper to pair with The Martian.


So there you have it, the comprehensive list of what you need to make the best stash box possible. If you need more accessories to add to your kit check out everything from TightVac Containers to butane here and gear up for your next outing, and if you need a literal stash box take a look at the Marley Natural Lock Stash Box


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