Best Vape Starter Kit Buyer's Guide of 2017

Vape Starter Kit Buyer's Guide 2017

You want to buy your first vape starter kit. But there’s one problem. A google search shows you more vaporizer types than you know what to do with. You’re not even sure what each type does. And you don’t want to pull the trigger on a vape starter kit you know little about.

The fact is, there isn’t enough information on the best vape starter kits out there. But not to worry. It’s much simpler than you think.

First you have to decide what type of material you want to vape, whether that is dry herb, wax concentrate, oil concentrate or eliquid nicotine. Then you have to find a vaporizer that agrees with your budget, vapor preference, and lifestyle.

Here are the best vape starter kits of 2017. 


Best Mod Vaporizer

Innokin Cool Fire IV Express

Innokin Cool Fire IV

Mod vapes are for eliquid lovers who want big clouds and total command over their vapor profiles. The Innokin Cool Fire IV Express overs advanced features and top notch vapor at a price that won’t break the bank. This vape starter kit features an Ohms meter so you can keep track of how much power you’re using, a puff counter, portable power bank for charging up, and variable voltage and wattage. You can vape with the Cool Fire IV mod while charging, so you don’t have to go without vapor if the battery is low. The 2000mAh battery enables high temperatures and longer lasting battery life. If you want to dip your toe into eliquid vaping, this is the right choice.

Price: $42.99

Temperature: Variable voltage/wattage

Battery: 2000mAh (Powerful)

Warranty: 90 day

Key Features: Pass-through charging, advanced safety features

Kanger Subox Mini Kit

Compact and powerful, the Kanger Subox Mini Kit is compatible with sub-ohm tanks and clearomizers with a coil resistance anywhere between 0.3Ω and 3.0Ω. You can toggle wattage in 0.1W increments based on your favorite coil resistance. An OLED screen shows battery power, voltage, wattage, and ohm stats. The appeal of the Kanger Subox as a vape starter kit is the ease with which the device enables you to explore different wattages and voltages to the individual degree. Expect impressively large clouds of vapor with a clean, delicious flavor profile.

Price: $89.99

Temperature: Variable wattage, 7W to 50W

Battery: 18650 Li-Ion (not included)

Warranty: 1 year

Key Features: Dual airflow control, OLED display, pass-through charging


Best Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb

Pulsar APX

Pulsar APX is the quintessential vape starter kit for dry herb. At an affordable price, Pulsar APX delivers excellent vapor production with a convection heating system (rare among portable vapes). Dry herb is vaporized with hot air, not hot surfaces, preventing smoke. Compact and lightweight at just 4 inches in length, Pulsar APX is easy to hide in your hand and carry in your pocket. If you’re on a budget or a beginner, Pulsar APX is a great vape starter kit.

Price:  $59.99

Temperature: 5 presets

Battery: 1600mAh (Moderate)

Warranty: 6 month

Key Features: Convection heating, 40 second heat up


AirVape Xs

AirVape Xs vaporizer

For a mid-priced vape starter kit, the AirVape Xs vapes like a pricier unit. It has precision temperature control, which is quite rare for a portable vape. Even pinnacles of the vape world like the Firefly 2 don’t let you choose to the individual degree your vaping temperature. But that’s the charm of the AirVape Xs. It defies its price tag. A ceramic oven and glass mouthpiece keep vapor clean and flavorful. And the thin, light build is perfect for on-the-go vaping.

Price: $179.00

Temperature: Precision

Battery: 1300mAh (Moderate)

Warranty: Lifetime

Key Features: 20 second heat up, vibration notifications, ceramic oven



Pax 3

If money's no object for you, and you want to invest in a deluxe vape starter kit, the sleek and smart PAX 3 vape is an option. You can control temperature presets and other settings via mobile app, receive vibration notifications, and explore 4 heat settings designed for efficiency, stealth, flavor, and speed. Pax 3 breaks vaping down to a science, and makes it all easy, hence its frequent comparison to the iPhone. This is the vape starter kit for those going deep into vaporization right off the bat.

Price: $274.99

Temperature: 4 presets

Battery: 3500mAh (Powerful)

Warranty: 10 year

Key Features: 15 second heat up, mobile app, haptic feedback, half-pack lid, wax cup


Best Wax Pen

R2 Series

R2 Series Vape Pen

ThisThingRips make wax pens with advanced atomizers but manage to keep their products at an affordable price. The R2 Series vaporizer is one of their more affordable vape pens, but features a dual ceramic rod atomizer that creates flavorful, milky rips, making it the perfect vape starter kit for those who use wax concentrates. The R2 Series wax pen is ideal for vaping on your feet, with a pen-style design that has a pen cap for stealthiness.

Price: $49.99  

Temperature: Single setting  

Battery: 650mAh (Standard)

Warranty: 90 day

Key Features: Dual ceramic rod atomizer, visual chamber, pen cap


KandyPens MINI

KandyPens MINI

Forty dollars higher up the price range you’ll find the KandyPens MINI. It’s a stout and strong wax pen with a deep-dish coilless atomizer that vapes waxy oils very efficiently so you don’t waste as much wax. KandyPens made the MINI wax pen leak-proof, solving a common issue with vape pens in which melted wax leaks out of the chamber and mucks up the threading that generally connects the heating chamber to the battery. KandyPens MINI has a strong battery for such a small unit, so you can expect longer continuous use and fairly big clouds of vapor. As an added perk, this vape starter kit features pass-through so you can vape while you charge.

Price: $89.95

Temperature: 3 presets

Battery: 950mAh (Standard)

Warranty: Lifetime

Key Features: Coilless atomizer, leakproof, pass-through charging


Source Orb 4 - Signature Kit

Source Orb 4 Signature Kit

Source Orb 4 - Signature Kit is pricey for a wax pen, but you get what you pay for. This vape starter kits comes with 8 different atomizers, enabling you to pick and choose between a variety of vapor profiles. The battery is exceptionally powerful. You can vape up to 700F, unheard of for a vape pen. The design is simple yet sophisticated. The orb mouthpiece has a magnetic lock that makes it very easy to load and clean the piece. There’s also adjustable airflow with five different settings so you can control the size of your hits.

Price: $199.95

Temperature: 3 settings

Battery: 2200mAh (Powerful)

Warranty: Lifetime

Key Features: 8 different atomizers, adjustable airflow, magnetic lock mouthpiece


Best Oil Vaporizer

KandyPens Slim Vaporizer

KandyPens Slim

KandyPens Slim Vaporizer is one of the most compact oil vaporizers out there. With a stealthy pen-style design, KandyPens Slim is ideal for vaping on the street. The tank is very easy to fill, and the vape pen has a simple single button control, making it a great starter vape for beginners. If you prefer oil concentrates or eliquid, but are not sure if you want to delve right into vaping with an expensive unit, KandyPens Slim is an affordable yet solid vape starter kit.

Price: $34.95

Temperature: Single setting

Battery: Standard

Warranty: Lifetime

Key Features: 510-threaded, easy-fill tank


Vaporite Amber L Vaporizer

Vaporite Amber L

Vaporite Amber L Vaporizer is a mid-priced vape starter kit with high-end features including bluetooth compatibility so you can monitor temperature and more via mobile app. The rebuildable oil tank enables you to customize your coils. And the vapor production is robust. This vape starter kit is super easy to operate and drums up nice, comfortable hits on-the-fly. Vaporite Amber L is pocketable so you can carry it with you through your day.

Price: $59.99

Temperature: Single setting

Battery: 1600mAh (Moderate)

Warranty: Lifetime

Key Features: Rebuildable oil tank, mobile app 


Best Desktop Vaporizer

Da Buddha

Da Buddha Vaporizer

7th Floor is known for high-end desktop vaporizers with clean vapor paths, gorgeous designs, and high-grade materials. But for beginners or those on a budget, Da Buddha gives you the same great quality vapor and ease-of-use at a fairly affordable price point. The ceramic heating element vaporizers dry herb “slow and low” with no combustion. The hits are smooth and tasty. To make things easier, Da Buddha has a hands-free ground glass connection so you don’t have to hold the wand while vaping. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better desktop vape starter kit at this price.

Price: $189.00

Temperature: Precision

Battery: Plug-in (Extra powerful)

Warranty: 3 warranty

Key Features: Hands free connection, 100% convection, 90-second heat up


Vapir Rise

Vapir Rise

A bit higher up the price ladder you’ll find the Vapir Rise. One reason this vape starter kit will appeal to newbies is versatility. It doubles as a whip-style and balloon-bag vaporizer, so you can try out each method and see which you prefer. Vapir Rise also comes with a multi-user adapter so you can share the love between friends. You can vape with the fan giving your hits a boost, or use no fan mode for hits with a little more draw resistance. Vapir Rise features a simple touch pad control panel that lets you choose temperatures with precision so you have more command over your vapor profiles.

Price: $249.99

Temperature: Precision

Battery: Plug-in (Extra powerful)

Warranty: 2 year

Key Features: Whip and balloon style,touch pad, multi-user adapter


Volcano Classic

Volcano Classic

Volcano Classic earned its name by remaining one of the top desktop vaporizers since its launch over a decade ago. Boasting precision german engineering, Volcano Classic delivers excellent vapor production using a 100 watt convection heating system and an aluminum heat exchanger that maintains steady temperature during vaporization. This vape starter kit is easy to figure out with a dial temperature control, and extracts the most out of each bowl. Vape dry herb between 266F and 446F balloon-bag style. Note that when you buy the Volcano Class, you have to choose between an Easy Valve or Solid Valve set. The Easy Valve is just what it sounds like, allowing you to fill up balloons in a painless way. The Solid Valve enables you to customize the size of your vapor balloons. Overall, Volcano Classic does the essentials well, a few hundred dollars cheaper than other comparable vape kits.

Price: $380

Temperature: Precision

Battery: Plug-in (Extra powerful)

Warranty: 3 year

Key Features: German engineering, balloon-bag style, time-tested design


Finding a Vape Starter Kit

Ready to start vaping? You can check out our vaporizers page for more vape starter kits. Our search filters let you choose based on price, brand, type, and more.

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