Boundless CFV - A Vaporizer with Few Limitations


Boundless kept the better parts of their previous vaporizers, the CF and CFX, and made some refinements elsewhere to create the CFV, a portable vaporizer for dry herb. The Boundless CFV combines an ergonomic design, advanced heat retention feature, and combustionless convection heating to deliver a dry herb vaping experience that is about as good as it gets.

Convection On-the-Go

One of the biggest pros of the Boundless CFV is its heating system. Convection heating is pretty rare in portable vaporizers. Convection evenly vaporizes the contents of the chamber with hot air, as opposed to bringing dry herb into direct contact with the heating element. The resulting vapor production is smooth, tasty, and smoke-free. The Boundless CFV fits a convection system into a fairly compact build. So you get to taste dry herb as it’s meant to taste, from pretty much anywhere.

Coupled with the convection heating system is a unique heat retention feature that uses rings made of quartz and wood to manipulate heat in some interesting ways. The wooden rings reflect heat off the walls to ensure even vaporization and prevent conduction. The quartz ring, on the other hand, promotes conduction for intenser vapor. The rings are interchangeable, and fit into the heating chamber of the Boundless CFV. An added perk of these rings is the effect they have on flavor and aroma by creating different heating profiles.

Overall, the Boundless CFV delivers flavor-rich, easy-to-inhale vapor that’s impressive for such a small unit.

Digital Precision

A big marker of excellence in portable vaporizers is precision temperature control. The Boundless CFV has it, enabling you to pinpoint the best temperature for any strain, as well as customize the character of your vapor. Temperature is toggled with an easy to use digital display, which also keeps track of battery power. You can choose any temperature between 140F and 446F, which covers the gamut of ideal temps for the most popular strains. Controls are simple, with a power button, and two buttons for increasing or decreasing temperature. Beside the display is a micro-USB charger inlet so you can power up from almost anywhere akin to a smartphone.

Ordinarily vaporizers feature preset temperatures, which are helpful but not as convenient as precision temperature. This feature combined with the convection heating system and heat rings make the Boundless CFV an outstanding portable vape for dry herb.

Sleek and Ergonomic

The Boundless CFV fits comfortably in your hand, featuring a ridged section that makes it easier to grip. A slick mouthpiece swivels out when in use, and swivels back in place to stay protected in your pocket. This vaporizer is available in black or a metallic red, which looks great. When it comes down to it, the Boundless CFV looks just as good as it performs, is easy to carry around and use, and delivers some of the best vapor you’re going to get from a portable vaporizer.

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