Spotlight: The Cloud Pen Paragon Vape Pen

The definition of ‘paragon’ is, “the perfect example of a particular quality.” By combining high purity vapor production with innovatively convenient features, the Cloud Pen Paragon, lives up to its name as the ideal vape pen for on-the-go vaping.

Fitting vaping into your busy schedule can be a little challenging. Carrying your vaping materials and tools can be a hassle, and finding a portable vaporizer that performs like a desktop unit can be difficult. The Cloud Pen Paragon offers an all-in-one solution to these problems with an integrated NoGoo wax jar, loading tool, advanced air control valve system and a high-performance dual quartz-rod atomizer that will please “true vaporization” connoisseurs.

Innovative, Integrated Tools

The Paragon is, in a way, a vaporizer kit inside a vaporizer. The concentrate jar and stir tool are built-in. The self-contained nature of this vape pen’s accessories solves a few common problems people face while vaping outdoors.

How many times have you grabbed your vape on the way out of the house, only to forget your vaping material? To help you avoid this common occurrence, the Paragon has a built-in NoGoo silicone jar with a screw-on lid, located discreetly on the bottom of its battery. The container is made of non-stick material so it’s easy to remove contents as well as clean the jar out. The NoGoo jar is particularly helpful for those who are a little forgetful, or who you want a stealthy stash for their vape materials.

In addition to the self-contained jar, the Paragon has an integrated stir tool for loading your chamber and stirring the contents for even vaporization.

The convenient Swiss-Army-Knife quality of the Paragon vape pen makes it easier to carry with you wherever you go the accessories that are essential to your vaping sessions.

Powerful, Adjustable, Portable

The dual-rod design and high quality materials of the Paragon’s atomizer, along with a unique airflow adjuster, make it a formidable vape combining the vapor purity of a tabletop unit with the portability of a vape pen.

The Cloud Pen Paragon is fitted with a dual quartz-rod atomizer that delivers pure-tasting vapor rather quickly. Quartz is an inert material lacking in chemical reactivity. Particularly useful in vaping, it doesn’t “rub off” on your flavor or aroma, so you taste the extracts of your vape material as they’re meant to be tasted. By coupling the high quality of quartz with the fast heat up time and thorough vaporization of the dual rod design, the Paragon delivers vapor of an impressive purity in no time.

An adjustable airflow valve system, heralded by Cloud Penz as the first of its kind, makes the Paragon uniquely capable of customizing the tightness of your pulls. Whether you like faster or slower draws, you’ll be able to adjust airflow to a precise specification.

Convenient for vaping on-the-go, the 2200mAh battery can be charged via USB. Providing enough power for 3 hours of continuous use, the Paragon’s battery is also universally compatible with vape mods and tanks, enabling you to switch between device's on-the-fly. 

The Last Word

The Paragon vape pen offers top tier vapor production rivaled only by the best vape pens on the market. But it boasts a few “first ever” features that make it truly remarkable. 

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