2017 VaporNation Coachella Survival Guide


It’s that time of year again, when inhibitions are dropped and thousands of music lovers, festival kids, aging scenesters, and people trying entirely too hard prepare for their yearly trek to the mecca of music in Southern California: Coachella. With a multitude of performers, excluding Beyonce of course, and three days of festivities, it can be easy to be overwhelmed or burned out. Worry not -- your friends at VaporNation have created a roadmap of sorts, so you know exactly what to see and more importantly, what to vape to survive Coachella 2017.

Friday: April 14th & 21st

Opening day is by far the most stressful of the fest, with everyone jamming into the desert at the same time. Expect delays. Be patient. When you get there, the urge to immediately party will be overwhelming. Overcome that urge. Seriously, if you go too hard on the first night, it is going to be a looooong fest and not in a fun way. Instead of getting into frat boi (or gurl) shenanigans, play it cool. What to Vape: Stick with a dry herb blend, keep it classy and refined with a G Pen Elite from Grenco Science.

G Pen Elite Phil Frost

What to See: Surviving Coachella is all about cultivating a vibe to ride the way all the way through. To start Coachella off right, make sure to catch D.R.A.M. Dude is one of the most positive performers in the game, with his shows verging the line between R & B rally and straight-up gospel evangelism. Aside from his hits, which are plentiful, he fully delivers on the soulful jams that are sure to liven up your weekend, maybe your entire life.


Saturday: April 15th & 22nd

After a day of festival life, you’ll be assimilated. Remember that while the days can be sweltering, the temperature drops at night. Wear layers. Be prepared. While you’re  ascending the proverbial hump day of Coachella, tune into the yin and yang vibe. Stay chill during the day, and let it heat up at night. What to Vape: For all-day portability, you gotta bring a concentrate pen. Go with the Kandypens Gravity. The Gravity vape pen comes with two different atomizers, so you can customize the vaping experience. Use the ceramic deep dish, for low-temp, all-day dabbing. Switch to the dual quartz rod at night---to really get you there.

What to See: I can’t think of two acts that better represent the dichotomy of Coachella than Car Seat Headrest and Schoolboy Q. You can see both on the same damn day. Sweat out your angst to the noise-rock heirs to Pavement’s throne. Then prepare yourself the other god of L.A. hip hop, the pistol-cocking, block rocking, dope dealer also known as Groovy Tony (if you’re unfamiliar with the aliases of Schoolboy Q, listen to this right now---you’re welcome).


Sunday: April 16th & 23rd

If you’ve been following this survival guide, you are undoubtedly still going strong through Coachella 2017. If you’re anything like us, this will be the longest day of the fest, as you’ll be in the office on Monday, no matter how hard you partied all weekend (vacation is precious). Get to work on Monday. The key here is to plan for an all-nighter. Gotta keep drinking to a minimum after a couple morning mimosas, okay maybe a couple afternoon beers...but after that, we can quit anytime we want. Okay, so this is definitely more of a “Do as I say, Not as I do” situation. Be chill, and stick to dry herb. What to Vape: Keep the Airvape XS by your side. The deep chamber will survive the day and the drive home, with minimal refillings. Plus it looks dope, which will elevate your mood, Dig?

AirVape Xs vaporizer

What to See: A lot of people were thrown by Beyonce’s exit from Coachella, some even immediately pawning their tickets. For us though, the headliner of the entire festival always has been and will forever be Kendrick Lamar. No offense to Queen Bey, but there are rare opportunities to see someone who is arguably the best at their craft, performing at their very best. While April 7th didn’t produce a new Kendrick album, eliciting a sigh of relief from every other rapper in the world, new material is slated to drop in a week’s time. This means you could be seeing sets live that no one else has seen and that thought just gives us all the feels. We’re not worthy!

That concludes our guide to Coachella 2017. From the VaporNation fam to whatever weird posse you run with, good luck, and be safe. What acts are you most excited to see at Coachella 2017? What vapes will you be bringing with you? Let us know in the comments or on social. PEAAAAAACE.

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