Coming Soon: Volcano Classic How-To Video

Really pumped about our latest video shoot last night you guys. A lot of people have been hitting me up asking for a review video on the Volcano Classic and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally in the offing! The creative team over here at VaporNation put together an entertaining and informative video demonstration of how to use the Volcano Classic Vaporizerwith the Easy Valve balloon bag system.

The German engineers at Storz & Bickel have been in the vaporizer game making top-of-the-line products for aromatherapy and phyto-inhalation enthusiasts for over ten years now. They created the forced-air style of vaporizer with the Volcano Classic and its iconic balloon bag system, and boy howdy it’s still the best in the world. In fact it's so good, they created a Digital Version as well as the Plenty, a handheld vaporizer which is based off the same craftsmanship and design. The name of the game here is power and efficiency. You can keep your Volcano running all day and it will never slow down. After taking a few bag hits to the dome, we think you'll agree that the Volcano extracts the essence of your botanicals with power and precision unmatched by any other vape in the industry.

We’re having a blast putting together these videos for you. We’ve got a bunch of ideas in the hopper, but we want to know what is on your mind too! If you have specific questions about vaporizers in general or a particular model, please let me know so we can create a video that addresses it.