Better, Stronger, Slimmer: The Cora Vaporizer

Cora vaporizer

The Cora vaporizer, a liquid vaporizer of zen-like design and solid vapor production, is built for motion. It’s rail thin, like a memory drive you’d never find on a black ops agent. Its controls are spartan, making it easy to operate on-the-fly. It’s ideal for vaping in those precious moments when no eyes, noses, or tastebuds are privy to your little habit. The Cora vape is affordable. But you couldn’t tell by using it. A strong battery, well-designed build, and vapor quality say otherwise. They tell you that the Cora vaporizer is one of the most solid liquid concentrate vaporizers under $50.

Cora Vaporizer Battery

Cora Vaporizer Battery

The Cora vape features a 500mAh battery with 1.4 ohm resistance. That’s not bad for such a compact vape. The Cora vaporizer isn’t much of a gas guzzler, so you can expect around 4 hours of vaping before you need to charge. Operation is simple. Press the button and vape. The ample charge of the Cora vape battery gives you a standard heat up time of around 45 seconds. Expect robust vapor with some bite and a lot of flavor coming from the concentrates.

The Cora Pod - Refillable Oil Cartridge

Eliquid is carried in oil cartridges called Cora pods that are easy to remove or insert into the Cora vape. The mouthpiece draws easy so expect bigger clouds. It also doubles as a grip for removing the cartridge. VapeDynamics put a magnetic connector on the bottom of the cartridge that makes loading it seamless. An inert ceramic coil heats the liquid without rubbing off on its flavor and aroma. Refilling the cartridge just means twisting the bottom cap to reveal to fill holes.

Cora Pod

The best part about the Cora Vaporizer: You'll never have to buy a disposable cartridge again! And the Cora Pod is insanely easy to refill: 


The Cora vape is made of strong, lightweight stuff. The body is made of zinc, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. You don’t sacrifice durability for lightness. What you get is a vape that feels solid in your hand but doesn’t burden your pocket. Perfect for on-the-go vaping. In terms of design, the Cora vaporizer is about as thin as a lighter, but a little longer. It’s easy to conceal, and as we said earlier, you barely feel it in your pocket.

The Verdict

This is one of the more solid liquid vaporizers that don’t cost a pretty penny. The vapor production is quite smooth, and the natural poignancy of liquid concentrates displays well. Ease-of-use is perfect. Design is good-looking in a modernistic way. VapeDynamics trimmed the fat off today’s eliquid vaporizer and what we got was the Cora vape.

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