The Crafty Portable Vaporizer: Best Value for the Price

Best Value for the Price

The Crafty currently ranks as one of our best-rated all-around portable vaporizers, with full marks in terms of high-quality vapor, design, and construction, ease of use and portability.

The vaporizer

Even a total newbie will adapt to this vaporizer fast without any problems, something that can’t be said about most travel-friendly vapes. The Crafty Vaporizer currently retails at $339 on our website. You can see its features and one buy for yourself here.

About the Crafty

The Crafty vaporizer is a convection vaporizer manufactured by the German company Storz & Bickel, the same company that released the Mighty portable vaporizer as well as the Plenty plug-in vaporizer and the Volcano desktop vaporizer.

The features of the Crafty vaporizer are categorized in the following in-depth review and will help you decide where this is the right portable vaporizer for your needs.

Mechanism of Heating and Vapor Excretion

Best Value for the PriceThere are two heat settings on the Crafty: Default, which reaches a fixed temperature of 356°F and Boost, which is set at 383°F. Both temperature settings are adjustable and can be set between 104-410°F through the accompanying mobile app.

The Crafty takes approximately two minutes to warm up to 365°F which admittedly isn’t the quickest time, but is pleasantly consistent. The vibrating unit on this device alerts you when the desired temperature is reached, which is a nice touch.

The heating chamber of Crafty can hold an estimated 0.2 grams of dry herb. If your herbs are finely milled, you may be able to put 0.3 grams. Be aware, however, that packing the chamber will cause more draw resistance. This is why we think that the Crafty is a highly consistent portable vaporizer. Whether you pack it tightly, lightly, half or to the brim, you will get the same excellent results every time.Where cooling is concerned, the unit situated at the top of the chamber efficiently cools the vapor down before it reaches your lips, though appears to struggle on higher temperatures.

Device Footprint

The exact size specifications of the Crafty are 4.3 inches tall, 2.2 inches wide and 1.3 inches deep. It weighs only 136 grams so it fits your hand nicely and can easily be concealed in jeans pockets or in a purse.


The Crafty operates quietly and is quite discreet. As mentioned before, it can fit pockets and a bag easily, though still isn’t as compact as others like the Pax 2.

Official Add-Ons and Applications

Best Value for the PriceWith the Crafty you will get a few cleaning accessories like replacement seals and a brush. A grinder and a brand new “filling aid” are also included, which make loading the vaporizer easier. It acts as an effective funnel for your herbs so there isn’t any spillage.

An especially remarkable feature is the mobile app, which allows the user to control their Crafty vaporizer and it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. With the app, you can control the LED brightness, adjust the temperature, and customize the notification/vibration alerts. The app also displays the number of hours the vaporizer has been running and additionally shows different information about different materials for vaping and which temperature they work best at.

If you open the app while using the vaporizer, the current temperature is displayed in real time.


After every session, use the included brush to scrub the chamber and screen clean. This is just to remove any herb residue left behind. The top detachable piece requires a thorough cleaning once after every few sessions as it tends to accumulate the leftover herbs into gunky goop.

Cleaning is fairly easy, due to the fact that the vaporizer comes apart into smaller components, letting you clean all the nooks and crannies. Any hard to reach reside inside the top piece can be cleared using a Q-tip dipped in a little rubbing alcohol. Follow this with a cleanup using a wet wipe or water-dampened tissue, and the vaporizer will look as good as new afterward. If you think that the rubbing alcohol is too harsh, try substituting some warm soapy water instead.

Battery Life and Charging Time

The Crafty vaporizer charges internally via a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a standard micro-USB adapter. On average, the battery lasts for about 45 minutes with continuous use, or roughly 4 vaping sessions. A single cycle is fully charged in 2 hours and you also get pass-through charging, which you don’t get in many other vaporizers.

Best Value for the PriceIn terms of continuous use, the Crafty’s battery life is similar to the Firefly Original so it definitely needs improvement. On the bright side, the Crafty’s USB charging functionality allows you to charge it on the go whenever and wherever you want.


The Crafty Portable Vaporizer is an animal, yet manages to remain elegant and gentle. It can easily fit into small spaces, without compromising on performance, build, vapor quality, etc. It comes with a 2-year warranty so you can confidently make your purchase.

If we were to improve upon Crafty, we would add an automatic shutdown timer to save battery, and it should also detect when the vape is not in use. The battery time can use some improvement as well. But for the features and portability, the vaporizer is still a great investment.

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