Dab Anywhere with Portable E-Nails

Portable, battery-powered e-nails are quickly becoming the preferred devices of dab enthusiasts who value versatility - and we've got the latest offerings from two of the biggest names in the industry, Cloud V and Dr. Dabber! Unlike traditional e-nails that need to be plugged into a wall outlet, the Cloud V Electro and Dr. Dabber Boost are completely battery-powered and rechargeable, so they can be brought anywhere your dabs take you.

While old-school e-nails tend to be big, bulky and require attachment to an existing water piece, these new versions are smaller, highly portable, and come standard with their own water filtration devices - so you don't need to purchase any additional equipment. 

The Electro and Boost are also far more affordable than traditional dab rigs, which can cost anywhere from $400 - $1000! In today's technologically advanced world, you no longer need to spend an arm and a leg to get a top of the line wax concentrate experience.

Equipped with replaceable titanium nails, these units are capable of reaching max temperatures of up 700°F (Boost) and 1000°F (Electro). Even better, they operate solely on battery power, you're no longer restricted to only being able to enjoy concentrates indoors. Take the Electro or Boost with you anywhere, and enjoy your favorite dabs, concentrate, crumble and oil in the great outdoors!

These modern marvels of wax vaporization are redefining the industry, and opening up a whole new world of performance and versatility to concentrate connoisseurs. Join the revolution, and pick up your portable e-nail from VaporNation.