LSV - Life Saber Vaporizer

Designed and constructed by 7th Floor after two years of research, the Life Saber Vaporizer is capable of performing in a variety of ways.  The tri-functionality of the Life Saber allows for this device to be operated in the traditional method with a glass transfer wand attached to a water filtration for those who prefer that method and the ceramic heating element can be utilized as a butane-free lighter.  With this many options to choose from, the Life Saber could be the most efficient vaporizer available as it can satisfy the different needs that each operator may require.  And to give each user an even more personal feel, the Life Saber is incredibly customizable with various glass attachments.  The vapor tamer is a glycerin filled tube that doubles the overall length of transfer and can even be kept in the freezer to further cool down each vapor hit.

Based in the United States, 7th Floor stands by their products and has been developing some of the best vaporizers available since 2002.  The Life Saber is made using the same internal components as the Silver Surfer, so those interested can expect the same high standard of quality.  This device is extremely durable and will stand up to the stress of everyday use for years to come.  If issues ever do arise however, the Life Saber is simple to disassemble and nearly all parts can be easily replaced.  This unit is compact and very lightweight making it great for group settings, the ten foot cord allows for an easy hand off.  Now where this vaporizers true potential is realized would be when combined with a water filtration apparatus.  No other vaporizer available on the market can produce vapor through water comparable to the Life Saber and for those who prefer filtration, they would definitely enjoy this powerful little machine.  If you are a true vapor enthusiast and looking for an array of possibilities, then the Life Saber’s tri-functionality is the way to go.
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