That Different Vaporizers Made by Pulsar

VaporNation carries five different vaporizers made by Pulsar.  Here is a quick review of all of them.

1.  The Pulsar 7 Vaporizer features a refined ceramic heating element and improved airflow.  It is extremely easy to use and very user friendly.  It heats up in just a few seconds and has a great little LED display.  It also comes with a few accessories which include the following; a three piece cleaning kit, a storage case, instruction manual and two rubber mouthpieces.  It is currently listed for sale on VaporNation for $79.99

2.  The Pulsar Stylus Vaporizer Pen, this pen vape also heats up fast and has a quick heat-up time.  This Pen is also especially discreet, it really does look a nice pen.  The Pulsar Stylus is also compatible with oils and concentrates giving multiple options for vaporization.  The Pulsar stylus comes with a 650mAh variable voltage battery, one atomizer cartridge with a see through cover, one soft rubber mouthpiece, one removable pen cap cover, one USB charger with AC adapter, one need cap refill bottle and a zippered carrying case.  The Pulsar Stylus is currently listed for sale at VaporNation for $65.99.

3.  The Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer is different type of pen vaporizer, even smaller and more compact.  It fits easily in the palm of your hand and comes equipped with one-touch activation. 

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