Does Delta 9 Make Amazing Vapes?

The short answer is yes.  My favorite of the two is the Persei but some would argue that the Omicron is better.  Let's talk about the Persei first, its a small portable vape that looks lovely and vapes even better.  It's easy to use (but to be fair most pen vapes are) and is completely portable utilizing no cords or wires.  It is a bit more durable than other pen vapes but you would hope so considering the price tag $199.99 at Vapor Nation, it does come with a lifetime warranty though so you know your money is being well spent.

Some of the accessories that are included with your purchase of the Persei are as follows; one battery adjustment tool, one fill tool, two aluminum mouthpieces, two 5.0 ohm cartridges, one battery charger, two Trust Fire 18350 batteries, one Trust Fire 18650 battery, one Persei double top and one Persei single top.  Overall this is a pretty great deal, I have never given my purchase a second thought.

The next vaporizer I want to talk about is Omicron vaporizer v2.0, it's another small and beautiful vape from Delta 9.  This vape however features a slightly lower price point costing just $114.99 at Vapor Nation.  Included with your purchase of the Omicron vaporizer version 2.0 is as follows; one aluminum shell, two 3.7 volt batteries, one extract cartridge, one aluminum mouthpiece, one battery charger, one fill tool, one sturdy and elegant carrying case and a user manual. 
"This product, and the whole product line is great. Upgraded from the Omicron V1 and couldn't be happier. The company will replace any malfunctioning parts." - G
VaporNation Content Writer

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