10 Essential Resources for the Modern Cannasseur

10 Essential Cannabis Resources

As legalization spreads, the way we look at cannabis is changing. In legalized states, herb is no longer thought of as the dangerous gateway drug of the 90s. Instead the therapeutic, relaxing, and enhancing qualities of dry herb are being recognized. If you’re one of those with an open-minded view on cannabis, here are 10 essential resources for learning more about its benefits, practical use, and political status.


Merry Jane Cannabis Resource

Cannabis culture, news, and video from the new generation for the new generation.

Since its 2015 launch, Snoop Dogg’s media network MERRY JANE has nudged High Times out of the top spot for cannabis content you can rely on. Their site is updated daily with all the latest news and views, and their video content is up there with VICE, bringing you quality programs like Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party and Rolling with Rogen. You can also find dispensaries and deliveries near you, and explore cannabis strains wiki-style.



A sleek publication that keeps its finger on the pulse of cannabis life with smart, savvy editorial.

KINDLAND handles cannabis with a sophisticated touch, covering policy, wellness, culture, and womens weed topics in quick-stories, feature articles, graphics and videos. They also offer insight into the latest, greatest canna-products in regular spotlights. Typical posts range from investigative reporting to strains and current events. A forward-thinking perspective brings you stories from the frontline of cannabis reform.


Civilized Cannabis Resource

Changing the conversation with an honest look at cannabis lifestyle trends.

Did you know you can deduct marijuana purchases from your taxes, or that recreational cannabis could kill California’s medicinal industry? These are but a few practical insights brought to light by Civilized, a dignified cannabis resource. Nuanced stories give a balanced look at cannabis from culture to travel all the way down to wellness. You can also search their dispensary database for a store near you.


leafly cannabis resource

The most-visited cannabis resource for a reason.

Leafly is the leading resource for finding dispensaries, looking up strains, and reading the latest cannabis news and information. They provide in-depth specifications about every strain you can think of--and some you didn’t know existed--from flavor and aroma to a breakdown of effects. Their editorial team is made up of experts who cover everything from politics to pop culture and science. Consider them the TIME Magazine of the cannabis culture. 


Rolling Stone

A classic mag that has stayed with the times.

Rolling Stone may be known for their music editorial, but they’ve done an amazing job of covering the latest in cannabis policy, too. You can find a trove of insightful pieces in their Marijuana section, from gift guides to lists of the best strains and more serious articles about the battle for cannabis legalization. Rolling Stone went completely pop culture during the 1990s, but recently they've resumed traditional journalism that doesn't shy away from the realities of cannabis legislation.


Green Flower Cannabis Resource

An online resource for higher cannabis education.

Green dry herb creates exclusive content seen only by subscribers, including a cannabis plant chemistry masterclass, a CBD Summit featuring a panel of experts, cannabis pet guidelines, and more. For those who are wary of email subscriptions, Green dry herb also puts out a blog full of helpful topics to give you the 411 on the latest advancements in the industry.


Ellementa Cannabis Network

A womens network focused on cannabis’ role in health and wellness.

The benefits that cannabis offers women is extensive, and researchers are to this day discovering new ways that the plant can help improve health, wellness, and lifestyle. Ellementa provides trusted information to women wondering where cannabis might fit into their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Their expert team covers a variety of ways in which cannabis can prove beneficial in treating specific ailments, all with a helpful and supportive attitude.


DOPE Magazine

A cannabis lifestyle publication for the millennial cannasseur.

DOPE was started back in 2011 when weed was still thought of as a danger. Its editors set out to “normalize the plant” with honest reporting, and have remained a go-to resource for news. They won’t shy away from political opinions, and they cover non-cannabis topics like sports and philosophy, too. Check out their “Reviews” section for in-depth break downs of popular cannabis strains. With a focus on inclusivity, there’s something for everyone at DOPE.



Cannabis news for the social generation.

NowThis is one of the most watched video news creators on social media for a reason. They bring news to you fast. And when they do, they get to the point with quick-paced videos of a raw nature. You can follow NowThis Weed on all the popular social platforms for the latest developments in the cannabis world. Their news comes in the form of original graphics and footage accompanied by captions for context. You can get all your news in just seconds, keeping you in-the-know without wasting your time.

Van Der Pop - Cannabis Resource

A treasure trove of elegant accessories and ideas for women with an elevated perspective on cannabis.

Th Canadian based Van der Pop puts out boutique “stash sets” for the modern woman. They also have a keen eye on cannabis culture. Read their advice column for thoughtful tips on getting the most out of your pot. Skim through their tastefully curated gallery of stashes for inspiration. And for insight into how real women perceive cannabis, delve into Van der Pop’s Women and Weed Survey.

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