Essential Vaporizers are Here!

Always looking to carry the newest vaporizers available, VaporNation is proud to announce a new addition to their line of top quality vaporizers.  Meet the Essential Vaporizer.  Based out of Northern California, Essential Vaporizers has burst onto the Vaporizer scene with a new line of portable and handheld vaporizers.  These small vaporizers are specially designed for vaporizing essential oils and refined aromatherapy blend concentrates. It can also vaporize unrefined herbs.  This revolutionary vaporizer utilizes a glass vial system that allows for quick changing and no cross contamination.  Simply change the vial and vaporize your favorite herbs and concentrates.  These vaporizers have absolutely no electric or moving parts, so no need to worry about breaking any critical components.  It’s also built from solid aluminum that has been anodized to ensure a food grade finish.

There are a plethora of vaporizers on the market today that are capable of vaporizing herbs.  But there are a limited amount of vaporizers that have the capability of vaporizing essential oils and concentrates.  Essential Vaporizers has also manufactured a few different variations of their vaporizer, including the Eclipse Vape H20 and the Eclipse Vape 20.  Both of these portable vaporizers are compatible with your favorite water filtration apparatus, allowing for an amazing vaporization experience.  The glass vile used with these vaporizers are easily disposable and only cost $1.29 for a replacement.  These portable vaporizers are also affordable, with a cost of $89.00 or less for any of the variations.  These vaporizers are a perfect compliment for anyone who wants to try vaporizing but can’t quite leave their water device behind.
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