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Every once and awhile, someone comes along and makes the world a better place. Meet #ThisThingRips, though they need no introduction. Not long ago, they put a dent in the dabbing universe with their innovative line of pen-shaped wax atomizers. It used to be that only desktop dab Rigs could produce full and tasty hits from your concentrates. But by incorporating unique materials like quartz crystal components and coil-less technology, #ThisThingRips lets you low-key enjoy flavorful, Rig-like hits from these expertly crafted, portable vaporizers.

R2 Series

R2 Series
There’s a reason #ThisThingRip’s flagship R2 Series was chosen as the best affordable vaporizer of 2016 by Leafly. This sleek, matte-black ceramic rod atomizer delivers quality rips for less, while staying on the cutting edge of wax pen vaporizers. A calibrated low-temp coil keeps your draws cooler, preserving the flavor of your dab and preventing harsh hits, while #ThisThingRips’ patented airflow system delivers full, flavorful rips like a Rig. The R2’s design is truly innovative, with a discreet removable pen cap, and a translucent polycarbonate heating chamber for a dabbing experience that looks as stimulating as it feels.

OG Four 2.0

OG Four 2.0
#ThisThingRips decided to innovate in their follow up to the R2 Series with one of the most advanced wax pens to date, the outstanding OG Four 2.0 vaporizer. The slick chrome design is pleasantly cool to the touch, and the see-through orange heating chamber lets you sit back and watch your wax vaporize. But this next-level vape pen made our 2016 list of the best vaporizers for 4/20 thanks to its unique lava-quartz technology. The OG’s quartz rod vaporizes wax more thoroughly than coils, bringing out the full flavor of concentrates and leaving less stickiness to clean up.

R Series Roil

R Series Roil
The R Series Roil vaporizer produces smooth, intensely flavorful rips, minus the burnt taste you sometimes get when concentrates are overheated. That’s thanks to its unique no-coil heating chamber. By keeping your wax concentrates from making direct contact with the heating source, this discreet vape pen lets you experience dab waxes just as they should taste. The Roil includes a variable voltage battery with three settings, easily toggled using the unit’s single button control, so you can find the best low temp for your concentrates. Conveniently, the 510 threaded battery is compatible with the OG Four 2.0 and the R2 Series, in the high likelihood that you end up owning all three of these cutting edge and affordable wax vape pens.

Win a #ThisThingsRip Prize Package

We’ve teamed up with #ThisThingsRip to bring you a month of free giveaways in a contest we call #Dabtember!

Every week, three participants will win an R2 Series vaporizer. And at the end of the month, we’ll give away a grand prize package to one lucky winner, including:

  • OG FOUR 2.0 Vaporizer
  • OG FOUR 2.0 Cartridge Kit
  • OG SLAB MASTER silicon tool set
  • R Series NEON V2 Jar

To make it easy for you, we’re giving you 18 ways to enter and win, from simply watching an awesome VaporNation video to referring a friend. The more ways you enter, the better your chances of landing a free wax pen from #ThisThingRips. We’ll announce the winner on 10/1. Good luck! Click here to enter.

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