VaporNation's 2017 Father's Day Gift Guide and Giveaway


Elevate Father’s Day by getting the old man who raised you lifted with these sure-fire gifts and our FREE GIVEAWAY!

With Father’s day just around the corner we are taking 20% off leading vaporizers to please every father, baby daddy, soon-to-be father and reluctant father figure.

On top of that, Piece Water and Magic Flight have come together to give away a 6-month supply of Piece Water, the best bong water solution out there, and a new Maud-Dib concentrate vaporizer and Orbiter Bubbler. This year you’re sure to bag the perfect father’s day gift to take dad to a new high.

To enter to win the Piece Water/Magic Flight giveaway, simply follow @vapornation, @MagicFlight, and @Piece_Water on Instagram and tag someone who would love a new vape. 

Looking for gift ideas for dad? Check out our Father's Day gift guide below! These products and more will be 20% off sitewide on VaporNation in honor of Father's Day. 

Piece Water

Piece Water

Is your dad a glass guy? Are you tired of going to blaze with the pops and finding the bong to be too filthy to rip? Hook pops up with a bottle of Piece Water, a bong water alternative that doesn't leave film on your glass pieces and filters hits better than tap water. 

Piece Water will keep his glass looking fresh longer, and the increased viscosity allows Piece Water to filter more particulates from each hit. Take dad from ashy to flashy with piece water today!

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

Muad-Dib Vape

There are no better dabs than dad dabs #dadsmilk, so hook dad up with a portable wax concentrate vape that hits like a rig. Hand crafted from wood and available in a variety of classy-looking finishes, the Maud Dib vaporizer from magic flight only gets better looking with age. Remind you of someone else you know? The straightforward operation will be great for dads who staunchly decry technology. Getting your dad milk on is as simple as loading your concentrates into the tray, closing the monocle cover and clicking the battery. Help dad hit the mad dab with the Maud Dib!

Kandypens Miva

KandyPens Miva

Some dads are cool AF, most dads are fricken herbs. You know what we mean, nerds, boobs. It’s not their fault, just give it 20 years and all the cool kids will be riding the dads’ wave of yore. So give your dad some cool cred early with a portable vaporizer for dry herb like the Kandypens Miva. The Miva’s conduction based vaporization allows the herbs to release their essentials without being burnt. The KandyPens Miva delivers conduction vaporization that can be controlled by dad, unlike his disappointing children.

A simple interface allows the user to precisely set temperature which is conveniently displayed on the LCD. While he might not be the coolest-looking dude in the room, he can still feel the coolest while sipping dad’s milk from the KandyPens Miva.

Arizer Solo II

Arizer Solo 2

The average parent spends around $300,000 dollars on the cost of a child from birth through their eighteenth year. Likely much more while paying the rent so you can pursue your “art” or whatever. Don’t be cheap when it comes to gifts for the ol’ man; give him a solid return on his investment with the Arizer Solo II, a vape catered exactly to what your father deserves, the best.  Show him how much you appreciate him with a top-reviewed Dry herb vape replete with borosilicate vapor path to deliver the smoothest of dad milk.

The Solo II is a capable unit it on its own, but coming standard with a wide variety of adapters, the fun can really begin by adding the vape to your favorite water-cooling accessories. Many dads face empty nest syndrome after the kids grow up. Make sure your dad always has a friend with the Arizer Solo II.

KandyPens Ice Cream Man

Kandypens Ice Cream Man

Sometimes dads are LOUD, T-ball games, graduation keggers, and driving lessons all come to mind. Sometimes dads need to be discrete, so they don’t get tossed by the Ref…again. So when Dad needs to blow loud AND keep it discrete, make sure he’s got the KandyPens Ice Cream Man stashed away to save the day (and avoid another shirtless brawl).

The Ice Cream Man is truly unique, just like your dad. Coming in a variety of vibrant colors, the KandyPens Ice Cream Man packs a punch with dual quartz rod atomizers. Your pops can vape the loudest of dad’s milk while still being able to keep a low profile, thanks to the discrete design.Treat dad to the tastiest of dad’s milk with the KandyPens Ice Cream Man.

Let’s hear it for the Dads! Make father’s day last all year long with the gift of sweet tasty vapor.

Don’t have enough green to snag a gift for the man that raised you? No worries, Magic Flight and Piece Water have you covered with a chance to win A Muad Dib concentrate vaporizer with an Orbiter water cooler and a stash of Piece water to keep it looking fresh! Follow us on Instagram @thevapornation and tag a friend to enter!


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