Find Enlightenment with the Da Buddha Vaporizer

If you find yourself needing to sit back, relax and find a deeper state of consciousness then we have the perfect vaporizer just for you, the Da Buddha.  This particular vaporizer is easy to use, heats up fast and has a hands free connection that will leave you feeling at ease.  The durable construction paired with the padded storage bag will also leave you worry free knowing that the Da Buddha is nearly impossible to break.  When you purchase your Da Buddha it also comes with one ground glass wand, three feet of vinyl tubing, a glass mouthpiece, one Silver Surfer stir stick, one replacement screen, an instruction manual and the aforementioned storage bag.  Just read what these satisfied customers had to say. 

"Just ordered my 2nd da Buddha. The first one I had was taken by a land lord when I was in the hospital, so when I got out I started looking for a replacement. I was doing a bunch of research on new vaporizers and very expensive vaporizers as well, anyways I couldn't stray away from Da Buddha. Love these things! Plus, they will last forever. This vaporizer has made my friends open up to the idea of using a vaporizer." - Elliot

 "We just received our Da Buddha yesterday and tried it out last night. It was so easy to use and the result was incredible. My brother has been telling us for quite awhile to switch over and start vaporizing and after the experience last night we wish we had done it years ago. We were actually surprised at how easy this was to use. We would recommend it to anybody." - LeMar
VaporNation Content Writer

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