The Forced-Air Vaporizer

forced-air vaporizer
Vaporizer enthusiasts are probably very familiar with forced-air vaporizers. They are some of the first vapes made available for the public, and are usually the most expensive type. Today it is a whole different ball game when it comes to vape selection. Vaporizers have been increasing in popularity within recent years, with some of the most popular ones being portable vapes. These types offer many benefits for the user who wants to vape on-the-go. A lot of users who have only used handheld or personal type vaporizers are missing out on the many advantages a forced air vaporizer can provide. Portable vapouriser users may brag about their ability to take their vape anywhere, that the units are discreet and small, but the one thing that many of them lack compared to desktop types are performance.

Typically with portable vapes, functionality is great but as far as large vapor production is concerned, they fall behind the bigger units. Many people complain about heating power of portable units whereas forced-air units often excel in this capacity.

Forced-Air Vaporizers, while large and bulky when compared with portable types, offer tremendous performance advantages. Of course they need to be plugged into a wall outlet as they use A/C for a power source, but this ensures a significant increase in overall heating. It might take a moment to heat up, but your blends will get heated thoroughly and produce large amounts of vapor. This is handy when with a group of people or friends whom you want to share with. Passing around a little vape can get annoying after a while, so having something stationary can be quite useful. Leading Forced-Air Vaporizers are the classic Volcano, the Arizer Extreme Q and the soon-to-be released VapirRise Vaporizers.

Since the vaporizer is held at a stable position, many of them use detachable bags which can be passed from person to person once filled with vapor. If you haven’t used these units before there is a whole world to explore. When it comes to durability and overall functionality one cannot go wrong when choosing a solid forced-air vaporizer.