The Grenco G Pen Nova Review


After coming out with a multitude of groundbreaking vaporizers Grenco doesn’t need to revolutionize the vaporizer game anymore, so what’s left to do? Make a fantastic "everyday" vape. The Grenco G Pen Nova is a vape pen born out of necessity; in the absence of fancy displays or confusing features, simplicity reigns. The question remains, did Grenco do enough with the G Pen Nova to compete with the wide array of vape pens already available?

The Grenco G Pen Nova Review: A True No-Nonsense Vaporizer

Continuing in classic Grenco tradition the G Pen Nova is a sleek all-black unit featuring one button operation and fantastic portability. While other Grenco vaporizers are dual-use thanks to an insert of some kind, the G Pen Nova is able to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrate in the same chamber with no extra attachment allowing for seamless switching between materials. The G Pen Nova’s low-key design makes it discreet while the sturdy Grenco construction and components inside of the pen are durable and reliable, making it a fantastic “everyday vape”. While the G Pen Nova won’t “wow” you with outlandish features or controls it will deliver consistent vapor production and flavor extraction.

A Quartz Bowl With Ceramic Dish Heating Element

Users wanting to vape either concentrates or dry herb from pens on-the-go have often had to sacrifice flavor for portability. The G Pen Nova utilizes two materials that do their best to extract the flavor of both materials: quartz and ceramic. The full flavor of your dry herb or concentrates will be on full display each session with no outside flavors present.


The shape of the heating chamber makes it easy to load, and easy to clean

Since the oven in the G Pen Nova doesn't need an insert to accommodate either dry herb or concentrates Grenco had to make sure the heating chamber could vaporize both materials well. The quartz bowl and ceramic heating element work together to evenly heat either material to deliver smooth sessions whenever you need one. Loading concentrates can sometimes be a pain with vape pens so Grenco gave the G Pen Nova a loading tool that is built right into the mouthpiece. The loading tool makes concentrate prep easier and can act as a stir tool when enjoying dry herb should it need some shuffling.

Cleaning the G Pen Nova's heating chamber isn't a chore. For dry herb make sure the chamber is totally emptied out before cleaning, concentrate users should do their best to give the oven a clean every week or so. To do this just soak a swab in isopropyl and rub the inside of the chamber. 

510 Threaded 300mAh Variable Voltage Battery

The only other “eye-popping” feature of the no-frills Grenco G Pen Nova is the 510-threaded variable voltage battery. There is only one button on the Nova, making this vape great for beginners who might feel intimidated by more complicated vape pens or portables. With just a few clicks you can toggle between 3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.9V. Users who want the most flavor possible will enjoy the 3.2V setting, while those needing a little more of a cloud can enjoy the 3.9V setting. The 3.5V setting is more flavor oriented than the highest setting, but still produces a decent amount of vapor.

Grenco gave the Nova an Extended Draw Mode that heats your material for 15 seconds without you having to keep your finger on the button. Two quick clicks activate this mode, which can come in handy when users want to keep draws low-key or are wary of stressing the one button that is used to operate the Nova.


The G Pen Nova is a great beginner vape thanks to its no-nonsense controls

It should be noted that the in our experience the G Pen Nova produces better vapor when used with concentrates compared to a dry herb session. Neither had an advantage in flavor profiles, both being brought out well thanks to the ceramic/quartz duo working well in the heating chamber.

One of the great things about vaporizers as a whole is the customization that can take place. Grenco gave the G Pen Nova a 510-threaded battery to help satisfy users who might be loyal to a certain cartridge or dry herb tank, if those are universally threaded they’ll fit soundly on the G Pen Nova. Older G Pen models had a proprietary threading that limited the different tank and battery options to other Grenco products, so this was a good change to see by them on this vape pen.

Closing Thoughts on the Grenco G Pen Nova

Grenco didn’t put anything particularly astonishing in the G Pen Nova, but they didn’t need to. The reliability and utilitarian features, like the concentrate loading tool, fit seamlessly into this vaporizer and make it the definition of convenience. The variable voltage battery gives you some room to experiment with flavors and cloud production, while the combination stirring tool/concentrate loader fits great inside the ceramic heating chamber.



While the Grenco G Pen Nova is a dual-use vaporizer, it does perform a little better when loaded with concentrates, but will definitely give a good vape session if you’re a dry herb enthusiast. New vape users or veterans looking for an “everyday vaporizer” will have a hard time finding a better option.


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