G-Pen Vaporizers Define Portability

It's no secret why vape pens are so popular these days, their portability.  You can take them with you anywhere and experience zero hassle.  They are super discreet and don't draw unneeded attention, so keeping one in your shirt pocket is really no big deal at all.  What makes the G-Pen really stand out from other vape pens though is it's durability.

All pen vapes are portable, but most cant stand the test of consistent day to day use.  Putting too many travel miles on your pen can frequently lead to malfunction, especially if you don't use a case or a pouch.  I keep my G-Pen in my shirt pocket or in my jeans pocket, so it receives a good amount of abuse.  I had the Dube before I got the G-Pen, and although it's not a bad pen (and also comes at a lower price) it could not handle my rough and tumble lifestyle and ended up breaking after just a few months.

Here are two common questions that many G-Pen users have:

Q: How long does it take for the battery to fully charge?
A:    It takes approx. 2-4 hours to fully charge the battery.
Asked by Manny D. on November 18, 2013

Q: How do you re-lock the G Pen for carrying use?
A:    Press the button 5 times to turn the unit on/off.
Asked by Rich on January 18, 2013

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