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The portable vaporizer market now has many options to choose from. With the popularity of vapes surging every day, the need for units that are convenient and super efficient on the go are increasing as well. The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is a remarkable new product that succeeds where so many in the same category fail. Featuring highly efficient alkaline batteries, this Magic Flight is an ultra portable vape allowing very convenient carrying capabilities and fits into pockets easily. The Launch Box is about the size of an old school dugout so it fits snuggly in your hand. Being handmade from wood materials, the Magic Flight stands out compared to others made up of different kinds of metals.A defining feature of the Launch Box is its lack of wiring or cord apparatus. Compared with most vaporizers of the same league, this is a complete unique feature. Most vapes come with a wall charging system and they take a decent amount of time to heat up and get ready for use. This one is composed of a battery charger with two batteries, and includes two extra batteries. 

No harmful chemicals from butane are used in the Magic Flight, permitting the freshest and cleanest vaporization process one can expect. Alkaline batteries heat up the contents safely and free from chemicals. What you get with the Magic Flight Launch Box is a completely natural look and feel for a vape. The wood finish and battery-operated heating element make it even more modern.

Although it uses batteries, the Magic Flight still does not sacrifice performance. The heat up time is a remarkable 5 seconds which most vaporizers of the even bigger variety can’t even match. Quickly heating up, it vaporizes the contents fully in the chamber with only routine maintenance required to keep it clean and in working order for years to come. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer uses a convection method, where the substances are placed on a heating element, vaporizing the herbs ensuring that the active ingredients turn into vapor to get the maximum benefit. With its compact size, the heating process makes it an amazingly efficient vape, able to be used anywhere.

With the name “Launch Box” it implies it works similar to a launch device, making it distinct from other vapes. The discreetness and artistry of the MFLB is the most appealing aspect of this vaporizer. Built using wood materials; the Magic Flight features a subtle design allowing it to maintain this aesthetic. The portability of the vape is essential in case the user needs to travel or go somewhere where bulkiness can get in the way. As portable vapes are the new thing, revolutionary advancements in the market require competitive characteristics to make them stand out from each other and the Magic Flight Launch Box is unlike any other unit you will find out there.
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