Grenco Science Launches Two New G-Pen Elite Vapes

Two new limited edition G-Pen Elite portable vaporizers have hit the shelves. Each features the edgy stylings of two of the world’s most bad ass artists, coupled with the feature-rich, portable, and sleek design of the classic G-pen.

The G-Pen Elite Badwood is a collaboration with LA-based artist Natalie Wood. Adorned with tattoo parlor roses and barbed wire, the G-Pen Elite Badwood has a “good girl gone bad” look. Grenco Science likely designed the Badwood for the ladies, but in reality this G-Pen has a look, feel, and feature set any badass can appreciate.

The G-Pen Elite Phil Frost x Burton looks just as street-wise, but a little more raw. Featuring exclusive artwork from New York artist Phil Frost, this G-Pen Elite has a primitive yet painterly appearance. Co-produced by Burton Snowboards, the G-Pen Elite Phil Frost x Burton could be the first vape made for snowboarders. But anyone with a little edge to them will dig these G-Pen Elite's.

Familiar Performance, Whole New Look

Both of these G-Pen Elite vapes have deep feature sets, ease-of-use and a solid build. As it happens, both feature the same design as the original G-Pen Elite.

You get precision temperature control (200F-428F), giving you greater command over your vapor profiles. You get a 30 second heat up time--very handy for vaping on the street. You get a convection heating system that doesn’t combust the dry herb, making for very pure, smooth, and tasty hits. And you get a sizeable .75 gram herb chamber. The G-Pen Elite is also quite compact, making it a sensible choice for on-the-go vapers with a taste for clean, flavor-rich vapor.

The difference between the new G-Pen Elite vapes and their predecessor really lies in the distinct artwork and accessory kits of the G-Pen Elite Badwood and Phil Frost x Burton. Each offers a unique vaping experience.

G-Pen Elite Badwood - A Good Vape Gone Bad

The G-Pen Elite Badwood comes in a villainous Ski Mask clutch bag featuring an arsenal of accessories meant to appeal to the bad girl within.

Accessories include a grinder card with a bottle opener, mini permanent marker, rolling tray, temporary lip tattoos, and bandages to mend the night’s battle scars.

A Micro-USB charger lets you charge from pretty much anywhere with a wall adapter. You also get a loading tool and cleaning brush for maintenance.

G-Pen Elite Phil Frost x Burton - The G stands for “Gnarly”

Grenco Science went big with the G Pen Elite Phil Frost x Burton, meaning they teamed up with one of the biggest snowboard brands to create a line of limited edition snowboards, accessories, and a new G-Pen decorated in Phil Frost’s art.

G-Pen also gained rights to exclusive artwork from Frost, an artist who turns raw street art aesthetics into fine art. As the story goes, the founder of Grenco Science visited Frost’s studio and was given a 20-piece luggage art collection which inspired the G Pen Elite Phil Frost x Burton.

Like the G-Pen Badwood, the G-Pen Elite Phil Frost x Burton comes with its own carrying bag, a mini-suitcase based on Frost’s luggage art.


The Verdict

Ultimately what you get with each vape is a new perspective on the original G-Pen Elite.

 Those looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer with panache will be pleased with the badassness of the Badwood and the street-savvy look of the Phil Frost x Burton. And the G-Pen Elite offers one of the best portable vaping experiences around.

Overall, the new G-Pen Elite vapes are for those who dig art and expression just as much as a discrete, great tasting vaping experience on-the-go.

William Updyke
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