Hang Ten with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer!

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a favorite around the VaporNation office, and for great reason. This vape just screams fun and it performs like a champ. The SSV is a durable whip style device for vaporizing dry blends. It's made by 7th Floor, LLC, a Colorado-based manufacturer that prides themselves on sophisticated construction of stylish vaporizers for novice and experienced vaporists alike.

Check out our handy how-to video to learn more about one of the most popular vaporizers around.

This is a one-of-a-kind loose leaf vaporizer that offers vapor enthusiasts the option of using a "hands-free" ground glass connection or a standard connection. The difference between the two options is that a hands free connection permits the wand to rest next to the heating element without the user having to hold it while vaporizing. A "standard" connection is actually preferred by many connoisseurs because it allows the user to rotate the wand, permitting varied airflow to achieve more even vaporization.

This is a matter of personal preference, with both styles providing clean, flavorful vapor clouds. The unit I use in the following demonstration is a standard SSV.

The Silver Surfer is intuitive, efficient and user-friendly. It comes in a variety of color options with a plethora of artistic add-ons and accessories to fit your personal aesthetic.


What's up guys? Thanks for surfing on over to VaporNation. I'm the Vapor MC and today I'm going to teach you how to use the legendary Silver Surfer Vaporizer made by 7th Floor.

Your Silver Surfer Vaporizer comes with the following accessories: three feet of vinyl tubing for your whip, a glass mouthpiece for one end of the whip, a glass wand for the other end of the whip, an herb stirring tool, three replacement screens, and the SSV unit itself. All of these items can be stored in the handy SSV carrying case for easy and convenient travel.

If you're plugging in the SSV for the first time, you wanna turn the temperature control knob on the front of the unit clockwise. You'll hear it click to let you know it's heating up and then go all the way around until it's at full blast. What this is going to do is burn off all of the factory oils. It's a completely natural process and you only have to do it once. For every subsequent vape session, simply turn your control knob to the 2 o'clock position and that will put you in the 380-390 degree Fahrenheit range, which is the optimal temperature for vaporizing.

Next thing you want to do is to construct your whip by placing the glass mouthpiece at one end of the tube and your glass wand at the other end of the tube. Then you want to load up the wand. Be sure to grind your herbs finely before loading and you want to leave some airflow here; don't pack it too tightly. Just about a quarter of the way up and you're good to go.

You'll know the SSV is ready to vape when you see the heater cover turn a bright orange. At that point, simply place the wand up against the heater cover and inhale gently.

What's awesome about the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is you get the option of choosing a standard connection or a hands free connection and 7th Floor makes a whole variety of different colors for the SSV so customizing is a breeze. They even make custom hand blown accessories such as wands, mouthpieces, heater covers, control knobs, and the vapor tamer, a cool little device that will cool down the vapor so it won't irritate your throat. Also, 7th Floor products are backed by a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty covering any defects in the electronics of the SSV.

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