Health Benefits of Marijuana Vaporizers for the Lungs

As many people already know, there is a plethora of health risks associated with smoking.  During the process of combustion (burning), tar and many other toxic by-products are released from the herbs or aromatherapy blend.  These toxins are then inhaled into the lungs where they can cause severe damage, especially to the heart and lungs.  Some of the diseases most commonly associated with smoking include heart attacks, strokes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and emphysema.  However, there is a solution.  Meet the Vaporizer.  This amazing device is capable of heating your herbs at a much lower temperature when compared to burning the herbs with a flame.  By heating the herbs at a low temperature of 350 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit, the herbs are never actually burned.  Instead, only the essential compounds (typically THC) are released from the herbs without any of those nasty toxins.  Therefore, your lungs remain healthy while you still enjoy the benefits of your herbs or aromatherapy blend.
Vaporizers are also capable of providing a much more efficient and flavorful rip when compared to regular smoking devices.   They bring out the rich and robust flavor from your different herbs.  And forget about coughing.  Vaporizers provide a smooth and clean hit every time.  Nowadays, Vaporizers are manufactured in a variety of ways.  The most common type of Vaporizer would be the “Whip-Style Vaporizer”, which typically utilizes a ceramic heating element and plastic tubing.  The user fills the whip (plastic tubing) with a small amount of herbs and then carefully applies it to the heating element.  You then inhale the vapor through the plastic tubing.  The other popular type of Vaporizer is called the “Forced-Air Vaporizer”.  These highly advanced machines utilize a fan inside the unit that propels hot air over your herbs and then fills a balloon bag with the robust vapor.  Forced-Air Vaporizers can be pricey, but they are simple to use and very effective.