Hear, Hear! The Sonic is Here!

Hey guys, it's Kylie here again! As you may have heard, the Sonic Vaporizer has arrived at VaporNation and it's already making waves! Customers have been thrilled with the easy to fill herb chamber, magnetic locking mechanism, and fast-acting heating element. My friends love it because it looks like we're talking on a walkie talkie. We're kinda weird like that, but it's all good because this thing is ridiculously fun. This vape is so easy to take with you and convenient for whatever your travels may require!!

I took mine to Venice Beach this weekend and soaked up the rays. All you've gotta do is charge it when you go to bed and when you wake you'll be ready to vape ;) Seriously you guys, this little gadget is a dream. It will go for a good two hours of continuous use on a full charge. You can monitor the temperature and battery usage on the bright blue digital display so you know when you need a charge. One thing I wish it had was a car charger or USB charger so I could charge it while driving. It's not too big a deal though. I've already contacted the manufacturers about these making these additions for the next edition. My friends and I ended up going to the Cabo Cantina for lunch where I charged my Sonic discreetly while eating before going back on the beach for more vaped fun in the sun!

All things considered, that's a really minor gripe with a stellar little portable vape. Charger issues aside, the hallmark of the Sonic is its strength and efficiency. You'll end up saving a lot of dough on your dry herbs, because this thing is as effective as an Arizer Solo at vaping ground blends. No ash when you're finished, no burnt residue, just nice vaped leaves that you can save and bake into a casserole or spanakopita or brownies.

We're going to be getting them in different colors soon, so stay tuned!
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