Hot Box Winner and MFLB Giveaway!

We've chosen a winner in our March Madness contest for a brand new Hot Box Vaporizer, and his name is Anthony Muollo! Anthony is a vaporizer enthusiast from Massachusetts and we're very excited for him to receive his brand new Hot Box to aid in his daily aromatherapy practice. This giveaway was made possible by the fine folks at Hot Box Vapors and One Source Products.

Here's our brand new contest page featuring the Walnut model of the Magic Flight Launch Box. Continue reading to learn more about the Hot Box Vaporizer and to find out about our new vaporizer giveaway for April made possible by our friends over at Magic-Flight.

The Hot Box is one of our most popular whip style vaporizers due to its simplicity, efficiency and aesthetics. Tony will be getting a one-of-a-kind custom graphic vape for home or office use. Since we gave away a balloon bag vape in February and a whip style vape in March, this month we're shifting the focus from the home units to the realm of handheld personal vapes. 

Our vaporizer prize this month is the Magic Flight Launch Box, one of the world's most beloved portable vaporizers. The Launch Box, or "MFLB," set the standard for palm-sized handheld vapes by building an efficient convection oven into a small wooden chamber that hearkens to the classic "dugout" pipes of the old school herbal enthusiasts. Besides being an efficient herb cooker, the MFLB heats up within seconds and if operated properly, will never, ever result in combustion.

All you have to do is Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Google+ and leave a comment on our Contest page (linked below). It's as simple as that. 

This particular Launch Box features a sleek Walnut exterior, a $149 value. Click here to enter our new Magic Flight Launch Box giveaway!
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