Hot Box Vaporizers Pay Tribute To Sublime

Hot Box Vapors has recently released a special edition Sublime Vaporizer to their already wide selection of high-quality Vaporizers.  The Reggae/Ska/Punk Band Sublime was formed in 1988 by childhood friends Bradley Nowell, Bud Gaugh, and Eric Wilson.  For the next 8 years, this Long Beach based band toured the country and brought their fusion of Ska/Punk/Reggae to the radio mainstream.  With hits like “Santeria”, “What I Got”, and “Bad Fish”, Sublime easily became one of the most successful and influential musical acts of the 1990’s.  At the height of their success in 1996, front-man Bradley Nowell died tragically from a heroin overdose.  His legacy lives on through their So-Cal infused music which has sold over 17 million copies worldwide.   Hot Box is honoring this legendary band with a limited edition Sublime Hot Box Vaporizer depicting the “40oz to Freedom” Album Cover Art.

The Hot Box Vaporizer is a multi-purpose device that delivers a truly amazing vaporizing experience.  The patented stone and tile construction is a trademark of this great Whip-Style Vaporizer.  Each Hot Box comes with an aromatherapy attachment and can be filled with any oils or aromatherapy blends to fill the room with a soothing aroma.  It utilizes a uniquely engineered ceramic nichrome heating element that doesn’t release any harmful toxins like some other Vaporizers.  This particular Vaporizer is a Hands Free model that doesn’t require the user to hold the whip onto the heating element.  Each Hot Box Vaporizer also comes with a 2 year warranty and includes a Glass Wand, Plastic Tubing, Replacement Screens, and helpful instructions.