Vape Safely with a G-Pen Personal Vaporizer

Why is the G-Pen personal vaporizer the best thing since sliced bread? Let me tell you about this weekend. I was hanging out with some friends  at Venice Beach where we were simply minding our own business, soaking up the sunlight, while enjoying a freshly filled G-Pen. There were throngs of people on the beach boardwalk and we wanted to enjoy ourselves without being subjected to the scrutiny of onlookers, so we opted for the discreet size and sleek design of the G-Pen portable vaporizer to meet our aromatherapy needs.

Since the G-Pen is a handheld vaporizer that resembles an electronic cigarette, it’s easy to use in public. It can vaporize both oils and waxes with ease. Using the G-Pen turned out to be an excellent idea, as we congregated closer to the beach, loaded up our handy portable vaporizer with some oil and began to vape it. As we were passing the handheld vaporizer around our group, we noticed another group of beach enthusiasts sparking up a traditional cigarette with a Zippo. We smiled at each other, a mutual recognition of the other’s choice in delivery method.

I turned my head back around and stowed the G-Pen Personal vaporizer in my satchel pocket. Boy I was feeling so good, so relaxed from the G-Pen’s state of the art oil vaporizer heating unit. I was well medicated but my lungs didn’t hurt because I was vaporizing, rather than combusting. I felt good. All of a sudden I heard a strange commotion nearby and noticed that the cigarette smokers were actually getting ticketed by the local fuzz for smoking on the beach. Imagine if I had brought a traditional cigarette instead of the G-Pen pocket vaporizor for me and my friends; that would have ended our good time right there. Fortunately, we were able to finish out the day on the beach free of harassment. The G-Pen handheld vaporizer literally saved our day!
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