How to Refill the KandyPens Slim

KandyPens Slim Vape

(KandyPens Slim is uber-compact, and unlike most oil pens, refillable.)

KandyPens Slim is one of the few vapes to let you fill your own ejuice or oil into a cartridge. This is pretty phenomenal since most affordable oil vaporizers use disposable oil tanks that can be a bit of a pain.

But how do you refill the KandyPens Slim vaporizer? Does it take long? Is it difficult?

Refilling KandyPens Slim is actually incredibly fast and easy. And it enables you to vape your favorite ejuice or oil with KandyPens’ efficient and stylish device instead of a run-of-the-mill oil vape with no power or panache.

Here’s a quick how-to on filling the KandyPens Slim.

1. Remove the Oil Tank from the Battery. 

KandyPens Slim features 510-threading. Just unscew the oil tank with a few quick twists and it will detach from the KandyPens Slim battery. Make sure to screw the KandyPens Slim oil tank on straight, lest you strip the threading. 


2. Remove the Mouthpiece

The KandyPens Slim oil tank has an easy-to-remove mouthpiece that simply clicks on and off the tank. Just pinch the mouthpiece and twist it a bit, pulling it away from the oil tank. The KandyPens slim mouthpiece will pop off to reveal the filling hole, which is plugged with a rubber cap. 


3. Remove the Rubber Plug

The filler hole of the KandyPens Slim tank will be capped with a rubber plug that will have to be removed. This little rubber cap is super easy to remove and reinsert. Just pinch it and pull. 


4. Fill with Eliquid

We recommend using a syringe for loading the KandyPens Slim at this point. A smaller tip will ensure nothing drips down the side of the oil tank. That said, the standard oil droppers that come with eliquids and oil concentrates will do. Just be sure to connect the dripper tip flush with the filler hole of the tank. Fill to your liking, but don't overflow. 


5. Reinsert Rubber Plug

This is a small but important step in refilling the KandyPens Slim. If you forget to do it, you'll get spillage which can be an oily mess. Remember to plug the KandyPens Slim tank back up! 


6. Reattach Mouthpiece

Again, the KandyPens Slim vaporizer features a click on mouthpiece. Just insert the business end of the oil tank (where the filler hole is) back into the mouthpiece and push them together with some pressure. The mouthpiece will click back into place. 

Now you're ready to vape with the KandyPens Slim! 

Why Go with Refillable Cartridges?

Disposable oil tanks are a drag. Your menu of flavors is limited to what you can find at the vape shop, which you’re going to be visiting every week or so for replacement oil tanks. And disposable tanks are generally low quality units with so-so vapor production.

Many oil tanks also feature wicks, which obstruct the flow of the vape pen. Refillable oil vapes like the KandyPens Slim are generally more advanced, featuring a wickless tank for optimal flow.

KandyPens Slim lets you load your favorite ejuice or oil concentrate in a few seconds. No constant trips to the dispensary. No dissatisfying hits. Just really tasty flavor and tons more convenience than you get with the typical rip-and-ditch vape.

Where to Find KandyPens Slim

KandyPens Slim White

KandyPens Slim is available on VaporNation for under $35.

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