VaporNation at the High Times Cannabis Cup

This past week VaporNation was in Denver, CO to participate in the Buyer's Industry Guide trade show which led up to the High Times Cannabis Cup. We had a great time interacting with people from across the industry such as White Rhino, Formula 420, Magic Flight, CULTURE, and many, many more.

We held a giveaway for a VapirRise Vaporizer, the most versatile home vaporizer ever created. One very lucky store owner will be getting a call in the near future!

VaporNation had a great booth location and we had the opportunity to talk to vaporizer enthusiasts and business owners from all across the country. It's so rad to get to have face time with people who use these products on a daily basis. It was really rewarding to meet people with debilitating afflictions that these aromatherapy devices can truly benefit. Not only did we meet patients; we go to chat with journalists, growers, doctors, dispensary owners, and head shop proprietors from across this great nation.

We gave one lucky store owner a brand new Vapir Rise Vaporizer, one of the most powerful and versatile forced-air vaporizers in our online store. It features a balloon bag option, a single-whip attachment, and a 4-person multi-hose adapter for ultimate party hookah enjoyment.

Here the VaporNation team helps a head shop owner from Waukesha, WI, place an order of vaporizers for his store in his hometown. Attendees came from miles around - across the United States - to satisfy their curiosity about new products, brands, publications, and legalization efforts related to the burgeoning industry.

Here the helpful VaporNation associates demonstrates the new line of Vaporite pen vaporizers for an interested customer. We were the only booth to offer vapor products that excel in all categories: dry blends, waxy oils, essential oils, and e-juices. It's thanks to the support and patronage of people like you that we are able to spread the good word about vaporizing vs. smoking!

I was amazed at the assortment of different booths and products. It was cool to see what a wide variety of interests people had: while some were insistent that their ViVape Vaporizer was the top of the heap, others would assert that the Extreme Q was the best. It seemed like every 2 minutes, we'd have someone new come up and get to discuss the merits of one vaporizer against another. For the Vapor MC this was a dream come true.

Do you guys know of events coming up in your area that VaporNation should exhibit at? Please let me know in the comments below!
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