Introducing The New NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer

Vapor Nation is proud to announce the new NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer. This eco-friendly, highly versatile, pocket vaporizer does not require a heating system or rechargeable batteries. Yes, you heard right: No batteries! This vape system is designed to produce a unique, 100% organic experience. At Vapor Nation, we found this unit to be super discreet and a good back up for when your primary electric vaporizer runs out of juice and you have no access to a power source.
The NimbinVap 4.0’s versatility is great. In fact, because it doesn’t require any electricity, you can essentially use it in several different modes. These modes include: Pipe Mode, Water Pipe Mode, Bong Mode, Hookah Mode, Joint Holder Mode, Chillum Mode, One Hitter Mode and Vaporizer Mode.
We found this vaporizer to not only be versatile, but also highly portable and practical. You can use it pretty much anywhere without worrying about battery running out. Think of all the possibilities. You can take this vaporizer to the mountains, the beach or the river. How about your next skiing or camping trip?
Vapor Nation recommends using hemp wick as your flame energy source. The hemp wick provides a much cleaner flame compared to other flame sources. In fact, hemp wick is made out of pharmaceutical-grade beeswax and organic hemp.
At only $59.99, you cannot go wrong with this vaporizer. This unit provides versatility, a clean vaping experience and portability at a highly affordable price. Again, this device works great as a backup vaporizer or even as your main vaporizer for an alternative experience. The whole kit includes a heating chamber, filter body, a vapor chamber, a filter nozzle, an insert for small filters, a piercing tool, a nozzle cap, a vapor cooling hose, O-rings in 5 different colors and extra screens. 
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