Introducing the World's First Portable E-Nail

E-nails have exploded in popularity over the past year, and have quickly become one of the most used devices for vaporizing wax concentrates. E-nails are great, as they provide perhaps the most powerful means of wax vaporization. However, the problem with e-nails is that they're typically very expensive, cumbersome, and must be plugged into a standard wall outlet for power. This is why we're super excited to bring you the first truly portable, cordless, rechargeable e-nail - the Torrid from White Rhino.

Instead of relying on power from a wall outlet, the Torrid utilizes an internal rechargeable battery, meaning you can now vaporize anywhere without having to worry about plugging-in. The Torrid is the first ever e-nail that you can take with you and use anywhere. Ever wanted to take your dab rig outside, but can't because you have no means to power it? That's now a problem of the past, as the Torrid can be taken anywhere you take your water pipe, for a cord free dab experience.
The Torrid's unique 6-in-1 base adapter features multiple tiers, and will fit the male or female end of any standard water pipe. Now you can turn your favorite bong into a powerful dab rig for a fraction of the price of other e-nails.
With the simple press of a button, the Torrid's powerful triple-coil ceramic rod atomizer begins heating and is ready for some serious wax vaporization. Just place a dab on the coils and get ready to experience your favorite concentrates in a whole new way.
In addition to being completely portable and battery operated, the Torrid also features two removable air passage pins for easy cleaning. Unscrewing the base of the Torrid reveals a reclamation chamber which catches any residual wax that passes through the coil but does not vaporize. This is a great tool to ensure you're getting the most from your concentrate, and not letting valuable dabs go to waste.
If you currently own an e-nail or have been contemplating purchasing one, you know that these devices are a serious investment and can cost a lot of money. Retailing for just under $135, the Torrid from White Rhino is the most affordable and versatile e-nail on the market today. There's no other device that offers the type of portability, power and convenience that the Torrid gives you at such an affordable price.
Why restrict yourself to indoor dab rig sessions? Instead, grab the Torrid and your bong and head outside for a fresh spin on your daily routine. Find a great spot outdoors to sit and reflect while you fire up the new Torrid e-nail and take some dabs to the dome. Don't let yourself be tied down by power cords. A change of scenery is always nice, and can really enhance your medicinal experience. So grab life (and this White Rhino product) by the horns and get out there and vape!
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