Iolite Optimizer makes a HUGE Difference

For those of you who have purchased or used the Iolite vaporizer and been unimpressed with its performance, or you just want to get better hits, the Iolite Optimizer just might be the answer to your problems.  The Optimizer is used to better control the amount of vapor in the vaporizer.  It is a small 3 prong metal piece that you place inside the heating chamber which will supply 3 more sources to help in the heating of your herbs.  Although it does cut down on the amount of space you have in your chamber, it’s a small price to pay for better all around hits that everyone is always looking for.   The 3 extra prongs will also allow you to reach the optimal vaping temperature faster than ever before.  Thus increasing the surface area of contact with your herbs. 

Just make sure you are very careful when handling the optimizer right after using your Iolite.  I recommend waiting at least a minute or two before handling it so you don’t burn yourself.All of this will lead to better hits, and an all around better vaping experience.  If you already own an Iolite vaporizer this is a must have so you can utilize it to its fullest potential.  Just make sure you have one of the Iolite models that feature the solid heat pin, since it will not work with the other one. So, if you are thinking of purchasing an Iolite and can afford the extra $20, I would definitely pick up one of these bad boys.  You will not be disappointed.
VaporNation Content Writer

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