Iolite Vaporizer - Helpful Tips & Techniques

The Iolite Vaporizer is one of the most portable and eye-appealing Vaporizers ever made.  Manufactured by Oglesby and Butler in Ireland, the Iolite is a true Portable Vaporizer – requiring no cords or batteries.  Instead, this unit runs on butane.  Just fill the Iolite with some butane and your ready to start vaporizing within minutes.  This stealthy vaporizer is small enough to fit inside your pocket and it really contours the hand beautifully.  The only switch on this Vaporizer is to turn the unit On/Off.  Therefore, they tried to make this Portable Vaporizer as simple to operate as possible.  Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.  Many people experience “growing pains” with this product because it’s a little tricky learning how to properly operate the Iolite.  For that reason, we have provided some helpful tips for operating your Iolite Vaporizer efficiently.

1)   ONLY use high quality butane.  At least 5X refined.  Colibri Premium Butane and Vector Butane are two of the best available.

2)    It only takes about 5-7 seconds to fill your unit with Butane.  Once you see it “overflowing” with Butane, you can stop.

3)    After filling the unit with Butane, wait about 5-7 minutes before turning the Iolite to the “On” position.  This is the most common mistake associated with the Iolite Vaporizer. The Butane needs time to warm up before it can be properly ignited.

4)    After waiting those 5-7 minutes, turn the unit to the “On” position and hit the ignition button.  Once you see a small Orange glow appear, the unit will begin heating up.  This typically takes about 45 seconds.

5)    Place your Herbs or Aromatherapy Blend in the Herbal Chamber AFTER the unit has already reached the proper vaporizing temperature.  This should take about 2 minutes.  Since the unit doesn’t have a temperature control system, the Iolite Vaporizer is set to run at a consistent 374F.

6)    Draw slowly when inhaling the Vapor.  This is very important.

7)    Utilizing the Iolite Optimizer will help tremendously. This increases the amount of “heating points” and creates more robust vapor.

8)    Attaching a small piece of plastic tubing to the mouthpiece can be very helpful.  Not only does this extend the length of your mouthpiece, but it can actually improve the efficiency of the Vaporizer too.
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