Iolite WiSPR, Something to Shout About

The Iolite WiSPR, this isn't your grandmothers vaporizer.  Or is it?  It has a cool retro look and dosn't utilize electricity, cords, wires or flames.  It is a COMPLETELY portable and self contained vaporizer.  Perfect summer camping or road trips across the country.  It has a really fast heat up time and comes in a variety of colors.  Vapor Nation carries the Iolite WiSPR in following colors; Espresso, Grape, Oyster, Pistachio, Pumpkin and Black.  I own a Grape Iolite colored WiSPR. 

The WiSPR also has huge amount of possible upgrades which ensures you will have everything you need to stay vaping no matter where you are or what you are doing.  The available product upgrades are...

Iolite Premium Plus Accessory Package, this is a must have for any portable vaporizer enthusiast.  This upgrade includes a bottle of Colibri butane, 3 feet of plastic tubing and 3 spare mouthpieces.

Iolite Optimizer, this is a tool that smartly reduces the heat up time of your Iolite WiSPR using a 3 pronged metal tool.  The 3 metal prongs provide 3 additional heating sources, those 3 additional heating sources are responsible for a decrease in heat-up time.  If you vaporizer fast and in hurry than this is definitely for you.  Perfect for lunch breaks or in between innings at the Dodger game. 

Iolite WiSPR Mouthpiece and Filling Chamber, this is 3.23" inches long, the herb chamber is stainless steel and comes fully equipped with a mesh screen.  This add-on also includes a silicon straw and tip for use with your new personal Iolite Vape.

Iolite WiSPR Mouthpiece Tips, this is a set of five replaceable mouthpieces for the Iolite WiSPR and original Iolite vaporizer alike.

Vaporizer Accessory Kit, handy for anyone that plans on vaporizing extensively.  This no-nonsense kits comes equipped with 1x Vaporizer Bag, 1x Smoke Buddy Junior, 1x Tight Vac Container (1.2 Liter), 1x DZ1 Digital Scale and 2x Vaporizer Stir sticks.

But wait theres more...

The final package is the one I got with my purchase, the Deluxe Vaporizer Package.  This amazing full service package and includes the following, 1x VapeCase for the WiSPR, 1x Mouthpiece and Filling Chamber, 1x Mouthpiece Tip, 1x Mesh Screen, 1x Iolite Optimizer and 2x Colibri Butanes.

We hope that helped you with your decision, make to leave any questions or comments you have in the "Comments Section" below.  If you want to hear what previous customers have to say then check out these Iolite WiSPR vaporizer reviews.