Iolite WiSPR Vaporizers and the Power of Butane

What separates the Iolite WiSPR from almost all other portable vapes is it's ability to harness the power of butane.  Utilizing a patented flameless butane catalytic heater along with a precision bi-metal thermostat you know that your herbs are being vaporized at the perfect temperature.

The WiSPR comes in a variety of colors such as Espresso, Grape, Oyster, Pistachio, Pumpkin and Black.  I prefer the Grape colored Iolite WiSPR.  The WiSPR also comes with Colibri butane, a free sample organic aromatherapy blend, a free bottle of Effin cleaning solution and a Vapor Nation sticker.

The Iolite WiSPR is truly portable.  It requires no wires, cords or flames.  It it very easy to use, small, lightweight and compact.  If you are traveling and in a rush you will really appreciate the fast heat up time. The speed with which it heats up allows you to vape almost anywhere at anytime.  Here is what Yescafresca had to say:
"This is a handy little vaporizer. Great Stocking Stuffer or graduation gift for your College age Sons and Daughters! The cute little vape fits in your jacket or sweater pockets with no problems and no bulge, its very discreet. The heat up time isn't much more than a minute or so and the results are well worth the price tag. It was great and easy purchasing experience and I would positively recommend the Iolite WISPR and VaporNation." - Yescafresca
VaporNation Content Writer

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