Is Life Saber really one of the best Vaporizers?

I personally think that they are, I love the versatility and variety of different things you can do with these vaporizers.  They also look awesome and are completely deserving of the equally awesome name.  Life Saber vapes are incredibly well made, almost unbreakable if you take the glass transfer wand out of the equation.  The padded travel bag 7th Floor provides you with also helps to ensure the longevity of your vaporizer.  It is also highly customizable with interchangeable parts and coming in a variety of colors.  So you wont need to worry about your neighbor rocking the same vaporizer as you or getting them mixed up after a long vape session.  All of 7th Floor vapes have incredibly powerful heating elements, and this one is no different.  One downside I did notice was that after about 30 minutes of continuous vaping the unit did start to heat up.  Since this vaporizer is handheld and not a desktop unit it can become somewhat of a minor issue.  This problem is also easily avoided by adjusting the temperature during the downtime, I left mine on high for the entire 30 minutes just to test the heating element.

The Life Saber vaporizer can be used traditionally with the glass transfer wand allowing you direct access to your vapor.  It can also be attached to a water filtration device if you purchased the water pipe attachment from Vapor Nation.  Check out this glowing review from a satisfied Vapor Nation customer.

"I have been vaporizing for numerous years and so far this vape heats up the fastest. Very easy to use and has many ways to vaporize. You can use the glass transfer wand, whip style, and even be used with for favorite bong. This device is amazing! Also 7th floor makes a great product. For instance, I have a Da Buddha vape that is 4 years old and still working like new. 7th Floor really stands behind their products. 
This product was my first purchase from VaporNation and it was a great experience. Their prices could not be beat! I was able to select the color of my choice for no additional charge which other vendors were charging extra. Vapornation also gave me two transfer wands as well. Also the free gifts and reward points will keep me a customer for life. The customer service I received from Kyle was great!
Overall 5 Star Product along with 5 Star Store!" - Adam
VaporNation Content Writer

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